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Aa-Kât is the God of Pillars, Family and Keeper of the Just souls. Son of Geb, he largely participated in creating the Furious City using his great mastery of Stone, Gravityand Architecture Invokation. By infusing the entire structure with powerful runes, and with the helf of Nita, he created a super city-structure capable of moving on its own while maintaining its inhabitants safe and relatively undisturbed.

He had a daughter with her (though the two god are not really in love), an young minor egyptian goddess of Restoration, that from a very young age has helped him maintain the city and its dwellers safe. The God sees a lot of his deceased mortal sister in her and aims to protect her at all cost.

Aa-Kât is a mountain of a God. Despite his fearful appearance (inherited by Fatebindings with titans of Ourea), he is a being that is slow to move, but with enough momentum, can brutally crush his ennemies in a powerful charge. Always ready to protect the B.E.A.R and his allies, he serves as pillars to those who need support during the tough times, both living or dead.