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Art by amayensis

One of the eldest Titans, and Tiamat's mate, Abzu represents the Abyss, the infinite depths of the primordial waters. To Abzu, the true power of the Sea can only be found in the deep vastness, where no other Titan can touch it. Abzu's Titanspawn are very proud, of their age, and what they perceive as their purity. Abzu is patient, and mostly acts with the slow, crushing pressure of the depths, and once someone is caught in his coils, they never escape.

Abzu, as the Abyss, has never seen much interest in the World. Only indirectly, through his Dragon descendants, does he have any relationship with it, and even then his outlook is much too distant to care about it. Abzu's plans unravel over centuries and millenia, and his power in the depths of Patala is so established and reinforced that even when his forces were defeated in the Second Titanomachy no God stepped foot inside his realm without Abzu's consent. As such, Abzu stays neutral, rarely risking the upsetting of his plans in the long term for any benefit in the short term.

Nevertheless, there is one aspect in which Abzu and the Gods face each other regularly: Atlantis. The priceless Orichalcum in the depths of the ruined city attracts many a treasure-hunter. This makes for great practice for Abzu's lieutenants, who all seek to bring back trophies to their patriarch and gain favor in his Court. Even when a treasure-hunter is successful at bypassing his forces, it gives him the opportunity to make an example out of those responsible while the tales of success only lures more potential trophies towards his realm. This is why Abzu sees no point in capturing the bounty of Atlantis for himself - its current state perfectly satisfies his plans.