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Celtic God of Love and Youth, Aengus is one of The Dagda's sons and therefore brother of Ogma, Brigid and Aine.

Tall, blond-haired and almost always appearing nearly naked with a group of singing birds flying around the top of his head, Aengus is the protector of poets. Unlike Apollo, Aengus is righteous and like his Celtic brethren he follows a code of honor.

Aengus is amongst the most idealistic deities in the Overworld and as such, he is driven by his passions and cannot stand what does not fit into his frame of moral values.

One of Aengus' most popular legends is his chase for the woman of his life. The story tells how he fell in love with her in a dream where he was told he could marry her if he could identify her in her swan form. Caer was her name. Searching for her in vain all over Ireland for a year, he eventually found her at Dragon's Mouth Lake, chained up among a group of 150 women. On the next day marking the end of the harvest season (November 1st), all the women turned into swans. To prove his love to Caer, Aengus turned himself into a swan as well and together they flew away, singing beautiful music that put everyone listening to it asleep for three days and three nights.

But Aengus is not only an idealistic lover with a heart full of marshmallows and rainbows. He also despises all forms of lies, especially false rumors, to the extent that he killed one of Lugh's Godborns for having spread the rumor his brother Ogma was having an affair with one of Lugh's wives. Honor being a fundamental concept and his brother's being stained by shameful lies, Aengus did not hesitate to take down the filthy bard.

Talented poet and lover but also skilled warrior and caring healer, Aengus owns a legendary sword given to him by Manannán mac Lir called Moralltach - the Great Fury - that he does not fear to use when necessary. He is also a master Druid and is said to be able to bring back anyone to life. The extent of his powers could surely live up to this reputation, but the fatebindings created by such an action would have to be considered beforehand. The example of Xiuhtecuhtli serves as a good reminder for every God with the abilities to instill Life.

Like him, his Godborns are driven by their passions and thrive to follow their own moral code. Anyone in their graces earns an extremely valuable and loyal ally. One should be careful not to betray them though. Several tried their luck in taking advantage of Aengus's children's trust…it never ended well. They are found in a variety of jobs, every domain hiding a passion a son or daughter of Aengus can thrive on.

Associated Powers

Tai Yi - Flow
Fey Sorcery - Summer
Epic Beauty
Fire - Life
Water - Life
Light - Brightness

Associated Abilities

First Aid