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5000 years ago, the first humans and Gods conquered the northern part of Europe and created what would become the Nordic civilization and pantheon. The Aesir are, therefore, one of the oldest divine family. After a shotgun wedding around 3,000 years ago, they absorbed the Vanir (an earlier pantheon) after both were devastated by the Titans during the Second Titanomachy in the North. Relying on the safety of numbers, the Aesir absorbed their rivals into their ranks and thus preserved themselves in difficult times.

Though not a part of the Big 3 (Theoi, Neter and The Deva) on their own, the Aesir are still a major political player today. Odin is a cunning and wise leader, who has proven many times to many foes that he is a lot more than a rough viking, but a visionary and a powerful seer who led his pantheon through many victories, both military and political. The Aesir have direct influence over two minor pantheons : the Tuatha Dé Danann and the Bogi Lyudei. The three form Northern Concord, an alliance even more powerful than one of the Big 3… And Odin uses it to its full potential

However, such an influence had a price. The Aesir have been struck by Fate harder than any other pantheon… Because of his excessive use of Wyrdseeing, Odin has condemned almost his entire pantheon to perish at Ragnarok. This tendency to try to ignore Fate through sheer force of will is both the doom and the strength of the Aesir. They and their Godborns are capable of pulling the greatest feat of strength, poetry and heroism, but Fate will often come for payback… Hard.

That does not stop the Aesir for enjoying life to the fullest and trying to do good in the world. They encourage everyone to test their limits and convey a positive influence around them. They can be brash and violent, but they also take care of their allies and circles of friends with a true dedication of both heart and body. The Northern Concord - known by its detractors are "The Bearded Alliance"- is quite active both in the World and in the war against the Titans. From expeditions on the Greater Wall to the pillaging of valuable resources in Otherworlds, the Aesirs lead the Gods through impossible odds and always seem to come out on top.


Members of the Aesir

First Generation (~2500 BC to ~1000 BC)

  • Freya: Goddess of the Gold, and War.
  • Freyr: God of Farming, Weather and Fertility.
  • Frigg: Queen of the Gods.
  • Loki: Trickster God.
  • Odin: King of Asgard, God of Magic, Wisdom, and Prophecy

Second Generation (~1000 BC to 200 BC)

  • Baldur: God of Light, Beauty, Love and Happiness.
  • Heimdall: Protector of Asgard
  • Hel: Goddess of the Dead, Overseer of Helheim
  • Sif : Goddess of Marriage
  • Thor: God of Thunder and War
  • Tyr: God of Victory
  • Ullr : God of Survival

Third Generation (200 BC to today)

  • Bragi : God of Poets
  • Vali : God of Debate and Duel
  • Vidar: God of Vengeance

Lost Gods

Major Events

~3200 BC

~2000 BC - Odin creates the Aesir

~1000 BC

  • The Vanir join the Aesir. Freya is being granted command over the Valkyries
  • Mjöllnir is forged by the dwarves and granted to Thor
  • Sif marries Thor, scealing the alliance between the Vanirs and the Aesir

~300 BC

1st Century AD

  • Loki tricks Hodr to throw a mistletoe spear to Baldur, killing the latter outright and leading to the downfall of Nanna. Out of revenge, Vali kills Hodr

3rd Century AD

6th Century AD

  • The Roman Empire fell. The Bogi Lyudei becomes vassal of the Aesir

Known Godborns

Famous Godborns