Aether used to be the seat of Hyperion, Titan of Light as Glory. Then, it was a great expanse of golden palaces, sprawling gardens, and statues dedicated to a thousand glorious deities and heroes.
Since Aten's absorption of Hyperion, the destruction of most other Avatars, the enslavement of the Djinn race, and the exile of Helios, Zhulong and Selene, Aether has been warped by the Titan of Brightness' power.
Aether is now an expanse of blinding light, fields of white snow, empty deserts of oppressing heat, gilded cities shining with gold. Aten rules without question in this realm, every Titanspawn there a slave - willing or not.

Prominent Features

All terrain within Aether is blasted in light, Night, shade, and darkness are foreign to that land. Even if one was to bury themselves under the deserts of Aether, they would still not be able to escape the Light, permeating everything.

Reaching Aten's palace requires passing through the great deserts around his palace. They start as rough landscape, with a few weeds barely poking out of the burnt soil. As one approaches Aten's realm, all life and color drains away, and only the most resilient can reach the abode of the great Titan. Those too weak in body falter and burn away, leaving a charred skeleton behind, while those weak in mind suffer a worse fate. They reach Aten's palace, indeed, but only to proclaim their eternal love for their new, eternal master. Countless are the Godborn who have set off to end the threat of the Titan, only to end up gladly joining the ranks of Aten's faithful.

Those who pass the deserts are gifted with a view over the city Akhetaten. Akhetaten is the great city that corrupted Godborn and pharaoh Akhenaten built in Egypt to worship Aten. Fortunately, the construction was never completed - had he succeeded, Aten would have been able to enter the World. Despite the fail, Akhetaten still stands as Aten's seat of power in Aether. A large sprawling city, its inhabitants have need for no food, drink - or sleep, to further the time available to them to worship Aten endlessly. The city barely functions as one - empty shops with only sand covering the stalls, officials wandering the streets mumbling to themselves in languages forgotten for a millenia, pristine roads that no one has ever set foot in.

At the borders of Aether's deserts Aten's aura of power is lessened by the power of other Avatars. There stand the realms of the other Titans of Light, supported by the Gods and their forces. Settlements of Immortals stand, keeping watch over the actions of Aten. But brightness means blindness, and light cannot be contained - Aten is amongst the most powerful Avatars in existence, and if it wasn't for the in-fighting between him and Avatars associated with Night and Darkness (such as Nott and Apophis), there is little doubt that Aether's tendrils would crumble those settlements. Through the blasted deserts of Aether, it is possible to reach the realm of Muspelheim. Meanwhile, at an edge of Aether stands the thin and shifting Twilight Realm of the now-deceased Dellingr, Dämmerung, the door between Light and Dark, Night and Day. It is the main battleground between Titanspawn of Aten and the Avatars who abhor Light. Those friendly to Helios and Selene can navigate secret passageways within Dämmerung pass through to Nyx, from Sun to Moon, though the entrances on the Aether side are in Helios' former fortress, now occupied by Aten.

Main Avatars

Notable Titanspawn