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African God of War and Blood, Aganju is among the first generation of the Orisha and as such was fully embracing its violent and aggressive ways that were those of the pantheon until the arrival of the Lwa.

Tall, dark-haired dreadlocks and a brown skin covering a muscular body, Anganju is always hiding his face behind his ritual mask designed to inspire terror in the hearts of his ennemies.

He is a son of Damballa, the God of the Sky, and before reaching apotheosis he was Emperor of the Oyo region in the current Niger. From there, he was satiating his thirst of conquests, wars, and blood. Despite what the posterity made of him, he was close to nature, proud of his land and he was not more violent than the majority of the actual and lost Gods. He was fit to his era : an era of war, bloodshed and conflict. Even for the Gods.

Upon reaching apotheosis, Aganju quickly became the spearhead of the Orisha, leading them to numerous victories against the Titans and the Neter - their main rivals over Africa - alike. Even nowadays, as the Orishas have become less involved in conflicts, Aganju is fighting alongside his divine brothers and sisters on the Greater Wall. Recently, a word has begun to spread about Aganju trying to gather a strike team to attack the Throne of Causality deep within Kosmos and bring the fight into the heart of his ennemies. Unfortunately, not much Gods are willing to join this kind of suicide mission.

Few godborns of Aganju are still alive nowadays, but like their father, they have a warm blood and strong personnalities. They very well know violence is not the only answer anymore, but one shouldn't give them the occasion to pick a fight, as it is the best way to end up with broken limbs…at best. They can be found in a variety of jobs, such as infantry soldiers, expert mercenaries, russian submarine officers or brutal vigilantes in drug cartels.

Associated Powers

Fey Sorcery - Summer
Epic Strength
Epic Toughness
Death - Destruction
Fire - Destruction
Sky - Destruction
Sky - Tempest
World - Stone
Depths - Decay

Associated Abilities