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Ancient Agni is the God of Fire and the main gateway between Humans and their Gods. A wandering God, Agni never stays in one place very long, busy with his many duties. He encompasses the hearth on the earth, the lightning in the air, the Sun in the sky, connecting the realms together through the perfect Fire, the fire of offerings and of prophecy, of earth and of sky, of material and immaterial.

The Deva are generally not as close to the human World as other Pantheons, outside of incarnations directly intervening, instead of the antics of the Greek or Celtic Gods. In particular, Brahma and Shiva have not manifested themselves in the World for millennia. It is thus Agni's duty to ensure the link between Man and God is maintained, through the holy fire.

Agni is not merely a messenger, however. He is his brother Indra's second-in-command, relaying his commands throughout the Deva, as well as down to the Deva's Godborns. He is also the first contact these Godborns have with the Deva, and as such cares deeply for their wellbeing.

Due to his intimate links with human beings, and the still-powerful influence of the Deva in the World, Agni is present in the daily lives of all his followers. He is the "fire of passion", the "fire of anger", and the "fire of digestion". His links to the World are many, and that linked to his age makes him in constant danger of becoming a Titan. He avoids it by keeping his touch light but ever-present, watching, helping, but never getting directly involved.

Because of this, Agni has few Godborns, and those he does have are unassuming, and quiet. They do not seek to topple empires and kill dragons, but instead work, calmly, to guide others to the Gods. They are community leaders, stern but loving fathers, and inspiring teachers.

Associated Powers

Fire - Life
Fire - Invention
Light - Illumination
Fey Sorcery - Summer
Lumière - Soleil
Night - Stars

Associated Abilities

First Aid