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Celtic Goddess of Summer, Wealth and Agriculture, Aine is a daughter of The Dagda and, as such, sister of Aengus, Brigid and Ogma.

Small, thin with blond hair, Aine is a calm goddess, always cheerful and very close to Nature even according to the Tuatha Dé Danann's standards. As a deity of Seasons, she is very concerned about natural cycles taking place in both the World and the Otherworlds.

Even though, like her brethren she is a trained warrior and is not to be underestimated with a sword in her hands, Aine has not been seen picking a fight yet. She is considered as such a peaceful and non-violent deity that an Irish king of old once tried to rape her - in the days when the Tuatha Dé were still wandering Ireland among humans. Unfortunately for the king, Aine bit his ear off and thus, according to the ancient rule, made him unfit to be a ruler of men.

Aine spends a lot of time in Otherworlds, especially in the Summer Court. She is a good friend of Titania's and is always welcomed among her court with the greatest honors. Therefore, since she almost never wanders the World anymore, most of her offspring is composed of Wyrdborns, which makes her even more happy as she knows her children will always stay close and true to Nature.

Like their mother, Aine's Wyrdborns are driven by preserving every natural cycle. Night and Day, Life and Death, Summer and Winter,…They are usually excellent diplomats and always make sure to make their ideas prevail without any blood spills. They are particularly close to the Vanir and usually welcomed in Freyr's place in the Summer Court. In tensed situations, they are usually the first wave sent to attempt on soothing everyone involved and if armed conflict arises they will most likely take it as a personal failure.

Associated Powers

Tai Yi - Flow
Green Druid
Depths - Abundance
World - Life
Runic Druid
Fey Sorcery - Summer
Spiritwalking - Shamanism

Associated Abilities

First Aid