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Akkorokamui, titanspawn of Sedna, embodies the concept of Water as Healing. Like its mother, it is a fairly neutral Titan and is often on the Gods' side.

Appearing as a giant octopus with a 120m long body, Akkorokamui is known to sometimes lurk near Japan's shores, where humans praise it for healings in dedicated Shinto temples. Benevolent towards humans, it likes receiving sea offerings (fish, mollusks, etc.) so mortals can give back a part of what Sedna contributed to give them. It sees these offerings as a proof of humility from those who seek his favors.

Its healing abilities reach such an extent that it is able to regenerate any missing limb in a few minutes, making him virtually invulnerable. Virtually. However, this detail does not stop some Titans to envy its healing-factor. Fortunately, Akkorokamui managed to dodge any attempt to capture or kill him so far.

Its generosity towards humans is not well seen by the Amatsukami nor the Celestial Bureaucracy, as Akkorokamui is encroaching on their turf. Nonetheless, its presence is tolerated since it has no veleity towards the World nor the Gods. Moreover, because of Titans' views on Akkorokamui's healing factor, they tend to protect it since all Pantheons agree that having one giant self-healing octopus to manage is already well enough.