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Alexis Dupuis was, from an early age, one of the most prominent young talents that France had ever seen. At 16, he joined the french Légion Etrangère in 1968 and was then recruited by the French secret service. Specialized in assassination and situation analysis, the record on his activities becomes quite blurry during the Cold War. However, one can safely assume he met the Sicarii, the assassination division of the Illuminati in the late part of the 70's. He became a rogue agent in 1978 and used his connections to track and kill many Godborns.

Specialized in dealing with magical creatures, Alexis Dupuis is at the peak of human martial prowess. Enlightened, he uses Epic Physiology, Nihilism and even a form of Astromancy to gain the upper hand on his targets. The Sicarii are a powerful and well connected organization and have been since the occupation of Judea by the Romans in ancient times. Alexis is the most proficient of them all and prefers preparation and expertise over direct confrontation. A mithril sniper bullet to the head takes care of the toughest sword-wielding Ares Godborn and the silver tongue of a daughter of Anansi will not save her from bombing her place in her sleep… Using explosives, high-tech weaponry and psychological warfare, Alexis is determined, experienced and extremely talented… Zealot in the cause of the Illuminati, he has not been afraid to reveal his identity, challenging the Gods, the Titans and their envoys to catch him… None has yet succeeded in this endeavor.