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The voice of the Illuminati, Alfred Miller is the Pyramid, the one that is visible from the outside. A middle-aged black-skinned american, Alfred is a true diplomat. Amazing conversationalist with an amazing memory, he travels in all worlds to promote Humanity's independance and freedom. Most Gods find him a nuisance, inviting himself to dinners with a smile, a joke and a well placed information. He is charming, fun, cultured and respects everyone, however aggressive.

However, the Pyramid is not to be underestimated. He is both the first line of defense against the power trips of the Gods, and he navigates Divine Geopolitics with ease despite his human condition. This ability is largely explained by a relic, the Coin of Solomon, that greatly increases his already amazing talent and sharp mind with a powerful spell of wisdom. Though clearly not at the level of a God, Big Al' remains a influential force. He uses his own form of TaiYi to protect himself and Mentalism to shine in public. He is a messenger and a diplomat, always thriving for Gods to distance themselves from the World and Humanity.