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For the Godborn whom this God was before reaching apotheosis, see Hamset

Am-Kudur is the God of Self-Improvement through Emulation and Resilience. During his adventures with the B.E.A.R, the God was disowned by his father Set, but managed to find his own forms of power. After a transformative experience of touching a powerful Primarch relic, Hamset fundamentally changed, for the better.

He found a new source of Ichor in the depth of Atlantis. Though he lost a few comrades along the way, he emerged as a new being, with a legend so different from what he once was that only his close friends might recognize him. Instead of stepping on others and feeding, predating on them to fuel his power, Am-Kudur creates a symbiosis with his allies, allowing each wearer of his mark to summon each others souls to aid them in times of need, learning from each other and growing as a result.

This character is from the Legends Timeline