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Prominent Features

Amaunet, Titanic Realm of Air, is a complicated place to describe using normal human standards, especially because of its Verticality. Rather than spreading on a surface, the Realm is divided in four major layers, each with its geography and Legend.

At the base, the first Layer is the Layer of Tempest, home to Raiju and Huracàn. This Layer can be reached through many places in the World (including the Bermuda Triangle) notably from the Oceanus. This Layer is a permanent storm, with powerful winds and lightning smashing and destroying any intruder. It is the birthplace of the most agressive and feral Air Titanspawn and their constant rivalry and confrontations creates this permanent storm, which acts as a powerful defense against outsiders. There are a few passage ways called Eyes which allow a safe-ish travel. However, the Eyes are both guarded and hidden by the Avatars which control them. Traders and Merchants are welcome if they pay a overly expensive fee in Orichalcum to the Eyes’ guardians.

The second Layer, Clouds, is the most habitable and gentle region of Amaunet. Entire cities floating and solid clouds, wander gently due to kind winds. This layer ressembles an archipelago, each city-state slowly drifting (the bigger the city, the slower the drifting). Each city-state is independant though affiliated in one way or another to one or more of the main avatars. Between the could islands, massive floating ships engage in trading or raiding, depending on their allegiance. There are about a hundred city states in the Cloud Layer. However the most prominent is the realm of the Coatl, ruled by Tatzintlicoatl, and old Aztec Titanspawn of Wind allied with Ouranos. There is only one Eye in the Cloud Layer that allows passage to the upper level. This Eye, named Iya, takes the form of an enormous tornado at the center of the Cloud Layer, and is not guarded as entering it without being torn apart proves a formidable challenge to even the toughest Gods.

The third Layer, Winds, seems like the most empty. Vast bands of hurricane-speed winds make up this Layer, like thousands of the World’s jet streams but wider, faster and full of smaller streams. Each is several miles wide and has its own path, never ending but merging with other streams or splitting into multiples, like a series of freeways made from wind. All together, these jet streams are a Gordian Knot of passages many times more complex than the most fiendish mortal cloverleaf. The Wind Layer is often used as a way of travelling to many other realms, including Aether (through the Kamsin, a gigantic hurricane sweeping the deserts surrounding Amarna, Aten's fortress), Muspelheim (through the Sirocco) or Oceanus (through the Sumatra). The Wind Layer is populated by many powerful Titanspawns affiliated to Wind, regrouped Houses of their cardinal direction (for example, Boreas, Mictlanpachecatl and Ya-o-gah are all responsible of northern winds and are therefore affiliated to the North House). The Houses reside in buildings made of transparent air made solid, floating at each cardinal point. Each house has an Eye that allows safe passage to the final Layer but does not allow anyone to pass through without an exceptionnally good reason (such as an invitation from an Avatar). The four Houses each send three representatives to form the Council of the Thirteen Winds, led by the neutral Pazuzu, an old air demon.

The fourth and final Layer, Paza, is where all air is calm, still, unmoving. So unmoving in fact that even pressure from above or below might not move it. The stillness is so, that its is possible to walk on the air - as long as one is able to distinguish where the air will permit such transgression. However this means breathing is almost impossible: the air will refuse to be moved to accommodate the fragile constitution of lesser beings. It is where Shu makes his home, far above the rest of Amaunet and nearing other Realms, especially Nyx, a place of emptiness and void. It is also the place where Ouranos resides, though the calm avatar remains in his palace, his court managing the affair. Ouranos has no armed forces to speak of… Except the thousands of beings trapped in the aura of absolute calm in his palace… The monstrous power of the former leader of the Titans is so concentrated in his home, that no being as found a way to enter without succumbing to its influence and become one of his faithful servant.

Internal Politics and Culture

Through the Layers, the dominating idea behind air is always the same : individual freedom. Freedom to stay still, freedom to crush anyone, freedom to unite or divide. One could easily misinterpret this freedom and translate it as chaotic. It is not. Freedom as understood by an air Titanspawn is actually quite a static and organized concept, governed by many rules, the most fundamental of which is might makes right. Air is unpredictable and the Titanspawn of air are the most independant and unstable of all their kind. This makes them constantly compete against each other in a perpetual struggle for power and influence, a rivalry that is actually organized and encouraged by the Avatars, whether the Titanspawns realize it or not.

Relations and Links

Amaunet is one of the most permeable realm and has many accesses. As a crossroads, one can travel from almost any realm and reach a place in Amaunet. However, reaching high layers is exponentially more difficult and most beings wanting to make business with the city-states of the Cloud Layer usually travel through the Eyes of the Tempest Layer rather than reaching it directly.
Titanspawn of Amaunet are usually open-minded but unpredictable. The avatars of Air have good relationships with many titans and even gods, encouraging trading and exchanges. Amaunet is one of the richest realms, thanks to trade from all corners of the Overworld. Solid Lightning or Rigid Thunder are probably the most expensive goods available anywhere, and Amaunet is quite prosperous because of it.

God Presence

The Gods outposts were mainly established in the Cloud and Wind Layers as they are the most predictable and habitable places of Amaunet. Ouranos being a passive Avatar, he pretty much let the Gods conquer most of these layers, trading or raiding the Cloud Layers’ cities and using the wind currents to travel as they pleased. After the freeing of the more aggressive Huracan, the attack was devastating. The Avatar sent his most dreadful forces to purify any God affiliated person of Amaunet. It was only through the temperance of Ouranos than the Cloud Layer remained a relatively peaceful zone, with some City-States affiliated to Ouranos still remaining peaceful toward the Gods (including Ayllus), allowing trade and exploration to travellers and merchants.

Main Avatars

Notable Titanspawn