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Titanspawn of Camazotz, Ammit is part of the Neter psychostasis process and ensures every soul brought to him will suffer the consequences of their impure lives. He was tamed by Anubis during the Second Titanomachy when the Neter came to the help of the Teotl defeat Camazotz.

Ammit has only a feral intelligence, so it comes to the assembly of Gods in the Hall of Two Truths to tell it who to devour or not. Only the pharaohs of old and the egyptian Godborns along with a handful of common mortals being granted passage to Duat, Ammit can dig its fangs in the vast majority of egyptian souls.

When Ammit devour a soul, it is said it shall die a second time. But this not quite what really happens. Instead of being destroyed, the soul is being ripped off its free will, sentenced to become Neter's mindless slave for all eternity in Aunu.