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A latecomer to the Pantheon, Anansi is the African God of Knowledge and Tricks. He is the first God of the Orisha to have adopted a peaceful way of life, leading the way for the next generation of Gods, the Lwa, to set a peaceful path in the pantheon. Anansi was not originally part of the big family of the Orisha, but as the various pantheons of Africa bowed to the Orisha's increasing hegemony, Anansi slowly immersed himself in the affairs of the Pantheon, eventually becoming a fully-fledged member.

Half human, half spider, Anansi is a benevolent God and is often seen wandering in the World, joining travelers around fires at night to tell stories about ancient times, not without humor. He is also the one who taught humans agriculture. It is through his stories humans and new Gods of the Orisha learned the price of bloodshed and violence of the old ways.

Though very knowledgeable, Anansi is not a book-worm. As the God of Tricks, he is very social and not at all taciturn. Unlike many trickster Gods, Anansi's pranks are innocent or made to teach important lessons, or both. He set Legba's hat on fire or hid Erzulie's toys in Davy Jones' Locker. It is of common knowledge that he, Thoth, Sun Wukong and Ganesha gather regularly for a intellectual pun duels, prank contests and story sharing. And of course, after centuries of such activities, Anansi came to possess some critical information. Although rivalizing with Thoth on that domain, Anansi is not interested by using those information to his advantage and he'd rather instead turn them into metaphorical morales to teach humans and younger Gods.

Like their father, Anansi's children are overall benevolent and always try to entertain or teach people. They are often humorists, as they can teach unconventional wisdoms through laughters. But they are also spiritual guides, physicians, university professors, philosophers or mediums.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Tai Yi - Flow
Chwal - Rider
Chwal - Puppeteer
Spiritwalking - Emotional Contagion
Green Druid

Associated Abilities


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