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Art by Jjlovely

Out of all the Gods of the Theoi, beautiful Aphrodite might just be responsible for the most amount of conflict, simply because having men fight over her is Aphrodite's favorite hobby.

Having other fall in love with her is as natural to Aphrodite as breathing, and she is very much aware of her power. Distinctly weaker than most of her fellow Gods in pure power, Aphrodite has nevertheless survived this long by using her powers with great skill. No one can stay mad at her for long - her millenia-long affair with Ares still has not eroded the love her husband Hephaestus has for her - and she has come to expect the same leniency in all aspects of her life. Those who can resist her appearance are then taken in by her silver tongue, and it's common for two parties who cannot reach a compromise to be soothed by the mediation of Aphrodite…but most of these conflicts were started by her in the first place.

Aphrodite's Godborn are just beautiful and crafty as she is, using their incredible beauty and charisma to rise in society while keeping a good safe distance between them and any actual harm. They have been socialites, wealthy concubines, politicians, or box-office-breaking actors.

Associated Powers

Light - Brightness
World - Life
Epic Beauty
Fire - Strife
Order - Control
Sky - Calm
Night - Fear
Tai Yi - Flow

Associated Abilities