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Perpetually-young, beautiful Apollo represents the values of the Theoi: he represents excellence, rising above others, and true inspiration. Bringer of Light, always quick-witted and quick-footed, Apollo is the God of Arts and therefore of poets, musicians, and anyone who wants to proclaim their unique talents to the World.

Apollo is multifaceted - his age does not show through his appearance, but behind his smile are eyes which seem to always be looking further. And for good reason: Apollo is a God of Prophecy, ever since he defeated Python in Delphi and was gifted visions of the future. His efforts have only doubled since, but some say his constant movement also allows him to make sure no one can keep up long enough to learn too much about where he spends his time.

As the God of the skillful, inspired individuals, he is also the God of Healing - what originally brought him to confront the Maggot Worm of Disease at Delphi - he has loved the innovations of the modern age. Finally, medecine is a true art form, perfected over decades of work. Surgeons, in particular, are his favorite.

Apollo's Godborns always have a sunny personality but crave the attention of others and need to always be the star. They are Hollywood actors, dancers or silver-tongued politicians.

Associated Powers

Fire - Strife
Light - Brightness
Light - Illumination
Depths - Abundance
Order - Control
Epic Presence
Fire - Life

Associated Abilities


Known Godborns