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Also known as Apep, Apophis is the night serpent, Titan of Nyx as the embodiement of Darkness whose realm is located next between the stars of Nut. Apep's origins are unknown, but he is at least as old as the Neter, a pantheon he despises violently.

As a creature thriving to plunge every part of the Universe into a mesmerizing whirlpool of seemingly-chaotic darkness where the only lights come from his fellow titanic sister Selene, Apep's only goal is to destroy Civilization. He is a destructive force, like Surtr or Yam, that did not recognize Kronus's rule during the Second Titanomachy. As a snake, he is not impulsive in his war against the Gods, preferring setting elaborate traps and then suddenly engulfing his targets with a wave of dark titanspawns. As the most active Avatar of Nyx against the Gods, his only rival is terms of raw power is Mikaboshi. However, thanks to his uneasy alliance with Nott and Fenrir, he remains the dominating force of the Night.

Apep's aversion for Civilization relates to every divine order the Gods put in place. Among the Gods however, there is no civilization more organized and centered around social order as the Neter's. Therefore, the slightest glimpse at Aunu and the Egyptian Gods makes him spit out his aversion toward the Neter folks. Hellbent to destroy the Egyptian Godrealm, every night, when Atum Re and his solar barge exit Aunu and venture deep into Nut's realm, Apep is there waiting for his moment to take down his enemy. So far, Atum Re, Set and Bastet always managed to repel the Titan, but Apep is relentless and very creative in his ways to surprise the egyptian Sun God. He has all eternity to defeat Atum Re and destroy Aunu and, as the wind blows on the cliffs and erode the rocks, he knows that eventually his triumph will come.