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Despite his bloodthirsty reputation, Ares is God of War for a reason. Elite general, careful planner, inspiring leader, Ares is the ultimate warrior. His troops would fall on their swords if he ordered it, and he inspires a mixture of zealous devotion and utter terror which ensures that no one falls out of line. It was under his command that the Theoi fought against the other Pantheons two thousand years ago, and his last duel with Sekhmet has left scars that neither of them will ever fully heal from.

The brother of Hephaestus has a complicated relationship with him. On the one hand, their good working partnership ensures the armies of the Theoi are well-equipped, and Ares cares for his men (more than he'd like them to know). On the other hand, Ares can't stop sleeping with Aphrodite, his brother's wife, and even after millennium, cuckoldry still stings the Smith God. Aphrodite is said to be Ares' greatest weakness, and the source of much of his shame but also joy. Indeed, Aphrodite is the only being able to make Ares feel true peace and happiness outside the raging battlefield, and the impossibility of their lasting love has tortured the God of War across history. Cycles of heartbreak, war and love surround Ares, Aphrodite and Hephaestus, and seems doomed to continue to do so forever.

Ares' children are all martial and seek the heat of battle, on any battlefield. Soldiers, lawyers, generals, they thrive in conflict and can never truly be at peace without some battle going on. That has led many of them to endlessly chase the next fight, the next thrill, often to their demise.

Associated Powers

Epic Strength
Epic Presence
Epic Toughness
Fire - Strife
Death - Destruction
Sky - Cataclysm
Sky - Tempest

Associated Abilities


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