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Art by jasonengle

The Virgin Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt, sister to Apollo, is unique for her dislike of the company of both Gods and humans, spending most of her time around Mythborn, especially her companions Nymphs.

An unparalleled archer and hunter, Artemis is wild, free, and absolutely impossible to predict, one day a shy, introverted girl contemplating her place in the Universe, the next a deadly warrior across a battlefield.

Her kinship with Mythborn and her natural skills have made her a vital asset to the Theoi's war against the Titans. Her scouts are the eyes and ears of the Gods, spreading out throughout the Titanrealms, hitting in the shadows, invisible and unmatched. Her long-standing friendship with the powerful Selene has ensured her support, vital against the attacks from Apep's forces, while her close relationship with her brother has allowed them to be a dynamic duo useful in any situation.

Artemis' Godborn, like her, are first and foremost fiercely independent and unbound. But that remains the only thing they have in common, as they are as disparate as Artemis' own personality, whether they be a dominatrix in a fetish club, a wild druid in the Norwegian forests, or an energetic marathon runner.

Associated Powers

Fey Sorcery - Winter
Epic Senses
Night - Moon
Night - Veil
Sky - Tempest
Sky - Peace

Associated Abilities

First Aid