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After defeating his father Kronus during the Second Titanomachy, Zeus received a prophecy - that he would be taken down by his own child. This prophecy, still haunting him to this day, once led him to, out of panic, swallow whole his mistress Metis - the Goddess of Wisdom, worrying that she was pregnant. This did not work out too well, however, as a few days later he started receiving violent headaches. So violent, in fact, that he had Hephaestus split his head open to get rid of the pain. From Zeus' forehead came, fully formed, Athena. Recognizing her as his true daughter, Zeus immediately gifted her his magical shield, the Aegis, which has never left her side since.

Wise, competent, decisive, Athena is eerily similar to Zeus himself, but shares none of his many vices bar one - pride. Being excellent at so many things tends to make one competitive, and if any God - or heavens forbid, human - date outperform her, her jealous wrath is a terror to behold. This fierce competitiveness is at the heart of her being, and is what has allowed her to be so successful in so many endeavors. A patron of excellency in all its forms, she is the guide of heroes, the advisor of kings, and the inspiration of poets. She shares the role of General of the Theoi's armies with her brother Ares, with her eye on the long term and his on the next battle, allowing a complementary, and even kinship, difficult to grasp for other Gods. Ares is quite proud and protective of his younger sister, and his utter lack of political ambition mean that no conflict mars their relationship.

Her Godborn are similarly competitive and skilled, with a silver tongue to match. They have been politicians, athletes, authors, or even assassins or smugglers: as long as it takes tremendous skill, a Godborn of Athena will try to be the best at it.

Associated Powers

Epic Presence
Runic Druid
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Fire - Conflict
Epic Strength
Epic Toughness
Fire - Invention

Associated Abilities

First Aid