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After the Second Titanomachy, the Gods wanted to show their true supremacy over the Titans. They chained Kronus in Tartarus. They forced Atlas to carry Olympus forever. They laid waste to Gaia's realm. And they build Atlantis in the depths of Patala, at Abzu's doorstep while the Great Dragon was licking its wounds, humiliated by its defeat at the hands of the Gods.

Atlantis was a place where the Gods would send all their Godborn, to learn how to harness Legend to their benefit. The concentration of Legend in one place, of all that potential, was chosen to take place there for its unique geography: Atlantis is the only place in the Overworld where Orichalcum could be mined and refined.

For centuries, Abzu bid his time patiently, suffering the humiliation with calm. Until he decided it was time to teach the Gods a lesson. In an unprecedented alliance, Yam and his spawn descended into the depths of Patala and engaged the Gods' defenders. While the Gods' powerful forces were keeping the reptilian Titanspawn away, Abzu sent the instrument of his vengeance to strike. Sul'Tharash, his lieutenant and a child of Abzu's long-dead consort Tiamat, tore through the magical protections around the city, flooding it in an instant. The few who had not drowned were swiftly and methodically executed.

Since then, Atlantis stands ruined, as a monument of the Gods' arrogance, and the power of the Depths. Enterprising groups of Gods and Godborn sometimes attempt expeditions into Atlantis, to recover one of the countless relics lost in its destruction, or trying to bring back a bounty of Orichalcum, as it is a material highly coveted by the Gods and serves as their currency.