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Atlas is an major Titan of Kosmos, an enemy of the Gods and the Avatar of Order as Gravity. He was not locked in Tartarus like his Titanic brothers. Instead, when the Gods won the Second Titanomachy, Atlas was made to be a testament of the victory of the Gods, and in particular of Zeus' victory. He was made to hold up the Godrealm of Olympus, above the Overworld, as a permanent testament of who the true masters of the World are.

Atlas was the nephew of Kronus and cousin of Zeus. As a God, he followed his uncle and shared his desire for control and order. When Kronus revealed his true nature, Atlas felt drawn to him and turned into an Avatar of Kosmos, joining the war on the side of the Titans during the Second Titanomachy. His gravitationnal powers were so impressive that he nearly shattered the Overworld by creating a small black hole in order to defeat Zeus. This battle between cousins shook reality itself. During that time, Hera kidnapped the Hesperides, Atlas's daughters, and took them hostage, forcing the Titan to stand down.

Instead of locking him into Tartarus, Zeus wanted something special for the being who almost beat him. He stuck him with an entire Godrealm on his shoulders and he linked his cousin's legend to Olympus itself. Therefore, Atlas's power fuels Olympus and if the Avatar of Gravity decides to let go, he would finish crushed and absorbed by the land itself.

Atlas had one opportunity to leave his torment for a time when Herakles needed him during one of his twelve labours. Though he almost succeeded at trapping the God in his place, in the end, he was tricked again. But he never forgot. Due to his particular condition, Atlas is not as powerful as he once was, both personally and politically. Far from the Throne of Causality, he has trouble leading his titanspawns who are often used as labor force by other Titans. However, his second Viśwákarma has recently been freed from Tartarus and has started a great project, unifying his forces and planning the rescue of the Avatar. Should they succeed, no doubt the world would feel the weight of resentment suddenly fall on their shoulders in the form of a black hole.