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Creator of the Neter, Atum Re is also its God of the Sun. Married to none, human legends tell all of Re's children came from his union with his shadow. His first children were Shu, who became a Titan of Air, and Tefnut who was killed by Ouranos during the First Titanomachy.

Falcon-headed, dark-haired and brown skinned, nowadays Re is a distant God. But in older times, he was considered as the most powerful God of the Neter and led his fellow companions to victory more than once, during the Second Titanomachy, the Civil War, and countless other fights to repel the Titans' influence over the World. Re was a trusted and respected leader among all the pantheons, especially in the Deva where he nurtured a strong friendship with Indra.

But as time went by, Re was feeling - legitimately - more and more all-mighty. Proud and caught in his own light, Re's overwhelming power was driving the Neter down a slippy road where the very concept of Ma'at would have been compromised. Watching this dreaded day coming closer, all the Gods of the Neter were standing still, fearing Re's backlash. This is when Isis decided to act and trick their leader.

The Goddess of Magic crafted a snake out of dirt and a sample of Re's saliva and sent the snake to poison him. Dying and unable to find a cure, Re summoned Isis who asked for his real name in order to heal him. In Ancient Egypt culture, one's true power resides in their full name. By doing so, Re had to show his vulnerability to the very person who came to heal him. Not from his poisoning, but from himself. This day Re learned humility and from then on, he became only as powerful as the other Gods and began to withdraw himself more and more from the divine geopolitics. He is said to have become wiser with his old age, but most deities believe he is becoming bitter as time passes. Who could blame him after the loss of two children by the hands of Titans, countless battles and a fall from his own pedestal of pride?

His sole duty now remains to cross the Overworld to fight Apep every day with Set's help. This task and his constant rivalry with Amaterasu are keeping him busy enough. As for the Neter's leadership, it was decided to go to Horus after a contest with Set. Incidentally, it was this contest which gave birth to Thoth.

His Godborns are few over the World, but like their father, they are entitled to do good whatever the price might be. This kind of behavior often drives them into impossible situations and can often be mistaken for naivety. But their response to whoever might take them for fools usually dissuade them to do so again. They are usually found in ambiguous fields, such as military generals, weapons or energy engineers or viral geneticists.

Associated Powers

Order - Self-Control
Light - Brightness
Tai Yi - Nature
Epic Presence
Light - Sun
Epic Beauty

Associated Abilities