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As the 'long standing smoke', Auahitūroa is a son of Helios who became the God of Comets in the Maori pantheon, the Nga Tama a Rangi.

He married the Fire Goddess Mahuika and with her had five children, the Ngā Mānawa. Benevolent and noble, his betrayal of the Gods came to a surprise for everyone, including his own wife. During the Second Titanomachy, Auahitūroa and the Ngā Mānawa became full fledged Titans, vassals of Prometheus in Muspelheim.

The theories of the reason behind this treachery are numerous, some say he was a double agent long before joining the Maoris. Some that he was coerced into turning a Titan. Whatever the reason, none argue over the fact that the Titans of stellar fire are a key piece of Muspelheim's game, due to their unique ability to use fiery comets as transportation, they can reach many places in the Overworld quickly in a big ball of blazing inferno.