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Located nearby Nut's realm and next to Kosmos and Oceanus, Aunu (Heliopolis in egyptian) is the Neter's Godrealm.
It is a sprawling city crossed by a river of stars, the light of which shifts and glimmers with the calm, unending rhythm of the Universe. The city is the embodiment of Ma'at, the form of social order the Egyptian Gods crave for. The vast majority of its population is composed by souls whose lives weren't worthy enough to be granted access to Duat and were devoured by Ammit before being sent in Aunu to serve the Gods for all eternity. Except for Thoth and Geb, the other Gods of the pantheon are living in barges floating above the City.

If it weren't for Atum Re's solar barge, there would be no day and night cycle within the realm and starry nights would cover the sky always. Thanks to the persistent love between Geb and Nut, Aunu is protected and surrounded by the Titan's forces who are helping Re and Set defeat Apep's forces every "night". Aunu also shares borders with Hanan Pacha, as the Incan Gods are closely related to the stars as well.

The Nile forms a circle within the titanrealm of Nyx, passing through Apep realm, Nut's of course but also Selene's. While Nut is always keen to defend the barge of her father against Apep, Selene has a rather neutral approach. Whenever Re's barge exits Aunu, she takes advantage of her fellow Titans being busy to pass through the Pilars of Clay with a barge of her own and make the Moon shine over the Godrealm. Being a neutral Titan, Selene's presence in Aunu is tolerated as the moonlight is essential to measure time when Re and the Sun are away.

Re's trajectory is invariably the same: passing through the Pilars of Gold at twilight and the Pilars of Clay at dawn. Except Set's and Selene's, any other barge attempting to cross the pilars will always be diverted by the great star river's flow.

The biggest building in the city is where the Solar Assembly takes place, chaired by Horus and attended by all Neter. There, are discussed the latest issues the pantheon is going through and solving the divine geopolitics plots related to the Neter.

Before the Second Titanomachy, Aunu was the sole and only resting place for the egyptian souls. Recently deceased humans had to find their way from the vast desolations of Neter-Khetet within Sheol to Aunu where they would become an Akh - a blessed spirit. The Book of the Dead was purposed to give the dead spirits a series of rituals to grant them passage through a succession of gates guarded by dangerous Death spirits, giant dead insects, torches or knives. After Osiris' induction as Lord of the Underworld, Duat was created and the judgement process involving Ammit was instated, leaving the ancient gates abandoned - legacy of a passed era - and their guarding spirits purposeless.