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African Goddess of Air, Ayao is an Orisha from the first generation. Daughter of Yemoja and mother of Baron Samedi's wife Maman Brigitte.

With her sensuous curves and an outfit as light as the wind she is surfing on, Ayao is not to be mistaken for a pacifist Goddess like her fellow cousins from the Lwa. She is a fierce warrior and it is said she lives in the eyes of tornadoes, using her bow and serpent-headed arrows, said to be relics of a forgotten age, to create gusts and storms. Even though she is not as blood-thirsty as her cousin Shango was, she is still up for a good fight every now and then.

In the golden age of the Orisha, Ayao was leading the wars next to Aganju, as they were both complimentary. Aganju had a more hot-blooded and close vision of strategy while Ayao would rather think and analyse the situation in order to maximize her impact. Their kinship is very close to the one shared between Athena and Ares.

Now that the Orisha's ambitions have changed, she is more often fighting on the Greater Wall alongside her good father Aganju against a whole variety of titanspawns than taking care of her people. As a Goddess with a great affinity for storms and winds, she is an ennemy of Shu and was even long before he turned Titan and was still part of the Neter, being back then the Orisha's main rival.

Like their mother, Ayao's children are hot-tempered but know how to hide it. They are the calm wind before a storm, they are warriors at heart and only feel fulfilled in battle. Attached to diversity and adventure, Ayao's Godborns despise everything standing still and will try to bring change, not necessarily for good, but rather only for the sake of it. They are usually globe-trotters, NGO managers, syndicalists, revolutionary mercenaries or volunteer soldiers.

Associated Powers

Chwal - Puppeteer
Mentalism - Riot
Fire - Strife
Night - Obscurity
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Chwal - Rider
Light - Brightness

Associated Abilities