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Daughter of Shango and Oshun, Azaka is the African Goddess of Lightning and Damballa's half-sister.

With a dark complexion and black curly hair, Azaka is always in a dancing mood and considers the sky as her dance floor. Cheerful, full of energy, she is always up to illuminate the skies with her bolts.

Even though Azaka was not born a Lwa, she definitely is one at heart since she became disciple of Anansi's teachings. She is therefore among the first African deities of what will be called later the Lwa generation and together with her fellow Lwa Gods, she did everything in her power to bring hope and joy to her enslaved people. As the Orisha were expanding throughout South America, Azaka became close friend with the Incan Goddess of Love and Happiness Chasqua, uniting together in intense (and rather sensual) dances in the skies.

Like all of the Lwa Gods, Azaka is close to the World and always watches humans closely. The evolution of human dances truly fascinates her and she fell in love with a young form of dance: "Disco". Nowadays, she dances to the sound of this perfect human sound, illuminating the sky with colorful lightnings.

Despite her permanent cheerful mood, one needs to be careful not to antagonize her (unless receiving a red or green lightning bolt in your heart is what you were thriving for). She is a dancer who does not enjoy having her performance disturbed.

Like their mother, her Godborns are diffusing a genuine good mood around them, always ready to party and bring to everyone they know the carelessness they need to forget about their problems. They are found as bartenders, choreography designers, opera singers or even orchestra conductors.

Associated Powers

Fey Sorcery - Summer
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Mentalism - Riot
Fire - Life
Fire - Invention
World - Expanse
Night - Stars
Tai Yi - Flow

Associated Abilities

First Aid