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Baldur (pronounced Balder), God of the Shining Day, is son of Odin and Frigg, the husband of the obscure Goddess Nanna (who became a mindless titanspawn of Selene), and the father of the God Forseti.

Baldur is a valiant warrior, loved by all - except Loki -, despise gender, race or Legend. So handsome, gracious, and cheerful is he that no-one can be in a bad mood when he's around. Even Hel has a crush on him. His legendary hall had a golden roof and silver walls and its doors only open if your intentions are pure and kind.

When Baldur began to have dreams of his death, Frigg went around to everything in the World and secured from each of them an oath to not harm her son. Confident in Baldur’s invincibility, the Gods amused themselves by throwing weapons and any random thing they could find at Baldur and watching them bounce off of him, leaving him utterly unscathed. Loki sensed an opportunity for mischief. He inquired of Frigg whether she had overlooked anything whatsoever in her quest to obtain oaths. She casually answered that she had thought the mistletoe to be too small and harmless a thing to bother asking for such a promise. Loki straightaway made a spear from the mistletoe and convinced the blind God Hodr to throw it at Baldur. The projectile pierced the God, and he fell down dead.

The anguished Gods then ordained that one of them should go to the Underworld to see if there was any way Baldur could be retrieved from the clutches of the death Goddess, Hel. Hermod, another one of Odin’s most powerful Godborn, agreed to make this journey, and, mounting Odin’s steed, Sleipnir, he rode down the World Tree until he came to its dark and damp roots, wherein lies Hel’s abode. When he arrived, he found his half-brother, pale and grim, sitting in the seat of honor next to Hel. Hermod implored the dreadful Goddess to release Baldur, and after much persuasion, she replied that she would give him up if and only if everything in the World would weep for Baldur – to prove, in other words, that he was as universally beloved as Hermod claimed. The whole World did indeed weep for the generous son of Odin – all, that is, save one creature. The giantess Þökk (“Thanks”), generally assumed to be Loki in disguise, callously refused to perform the act that would secure Baldur’s return. Thor stood in front of the giantess and stroke her feet with Mjöllnir, making her cry and therefore raising Baldur back from the dead. The Aesir were relieved as they felt they dodged a bullet : indeed, the death of Baldur is Fated to bring forth the events of Ragnarok… This was only achievable through the sacrifice of his wife Nanna, who changed Fate in extremis… At the cost of her nature.

Despite these infortunate events, Baldur is not just a beloved martyr or innocent sufferer. As the God of the Sun, he is a proficient warrior and diplomat, always being stylish, both in battle and in diplomacy. He is not flashy, but radiates charisma and kindness… A drunken Thor once said that a good test to determine if someone was an enemy could be if they liked Baldur or not. His white teeth, incredible physique, graceful dexterity, and sincere eyes make it very hard to deny him anything he asks for. He can be persuasive and charming, fierce and intimidating, clever and generous, but he rarely strays from his intended course. That course is usually predictable and clear as day.

Because of his natural charisma, Baldur is one of the best diplomatic tool of the Aesir. A wink to Brigid or a smile to Dodola, and a deal is done. Baldur uses his gentle nature and charm with innocence, often being used by more crafty gods for their own gain. Indeed, his gentleness seems to trump the most well crafted plan, ripping any veil of lies with an honest gaze.

In modern times, Baldur takes on roles that suit his everyday good-guy projection and Nordic good looks. He has been a movie star, a fireman, an alternative energy expert, a veterinarian, a lifeguard, and a sports star. Yet his greatness and goodness tend to make him the best and greatest man in the room. Baldur is fated not to share the stage with anyone, which leads him (and his Godborns) into roles where they engender jealousy and envy.

Baldur has only a few Godborns despite being atrociously desirable. Indeed, he tries to find the perfect women who could make him move on. He is one of the few Gods who actually develops long term relationships with his human partners. His children are heroes in every sense of the word, destined to help the World and people around them with the perfect mix of strength and kindness. They are very proficient in protection Geas's like their father : more than one titanspawn has been rendered speechless after their bus size sword broke on Baldur's progeny's smooth skin. However, such an immunity comes with a weakness of equal or greater potency (like their father and mistletoe), and keeping it secret is paramount to their survival.

Associated Powers

Epic Beauty
Fire - Life
World - Life
Tai Yi - Flow
Light - Brightness
World - Expanse
Fey Sorcery - Summer

Associated Abilities

First Aid