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Former Fomorian King, Balor was Lugh's grandfather and set into motion his own death. He was possessing a third eye able to cause massive destruction around him. Not too keen of using it often, he was covering it with 7 layers to cool it down.

Balor was envious of Cian, Lugh's father and Balor's son-in-law, for his magical cow and so he sent his sons to rob him, but the robbery went wrong and his sons killed Cian. Years later, they were coined by Lugh and were tasked to retrieve artifacts. They completed the quest but came back fatally wounded. Lugh ceased the opportunity to fulfill his vow of vengeance and let them die despite being begged to heal them.

Balor, who at the time was resisting Crom Cruach's call to join him against the Tuatha Dé Danann, accepted to join the Titan and take his revenge against the Gods.

During the Second Battle of Mag Tuired, he managed to kill Nuada and force Lir to turn Titan. But unfortunately, he ended up beheaded by Lugh, his own grandson.