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Ancient Barnaby Wulf is the leader of the Loup-Garous, operating from the Dark Forest. Over two millenia old, Barnaby has been very involved with Humanity. He taught Remus and Romulus how to fight in exchange for the Wolf being the emblem of Rome, he scared children in Eastern Europe for a laugh, he ruthlessly slaughtered an army of Fenrir Titanspawn when they endangered a Spanish village.
Famous for his fondness for tea and love of classical music, these tastes are not just a show of refinement. They are also the proof that a Garou is more than a smarter version of the beast it takes its power from. Where Centaurs are seen as rapists, Satyrs as drunks, or Minotaurs as brutes, Barnaby intends to show that the Gods do not have a monopoly on civilization.

Nevertheless, Barnaby is a crafty, clever leader, at home in the dark and the wild as much as in the heights of society. He commands the largest alliance of Garou species, has the friendship of both Mythborn leaders (such as Mab or Madremonte) and Gods (such as Ares or Tyr) and is most likely the most accomplished Mythborn diplomat outside of Shambhala.