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God of Death and Keeper of the African Underworld of Guinee with his wife Maman Brigitte, Baron Samedi is the second born Lwa God, son of Olokun and Oya.

Usually depicted with a black shirt, a silver coat, a black hat and a bony body, Baron Samedi is the most obscene God of the Orisha, being notoriously known to be swift to debauchery. He is never seen without a cigar nor a glass of rhum. To top it off, he is also wearing cotton tips in his nose, like the Haitian dead bodies, making him speak with a deep nasal tone. His outfit's color is a very important hint of Baron's mood: if white or silver he is happy and playful, if black he is reverred and ceremonial (it does actually happen every now and then) and if red it means he is horny.

Together with his wife, they are ruling over Guinee, the Orisha Underworld. At least officially, as every Saturday Baron Samedi and her are taking a walk out in New Orleans to party with humans, who he loves to play tricks to. Pouring harmless drugs in random drinks, putting STDs on random chairs,… One could see him as a deceiving God, but Baron Samedi is brutally honest, hence his obscene reputation. Advice is not to ask him any question without being prepared to know the answer.

When humans die, he is the one who digs their tomb and waits for Legba to bring him his new friends. He especially likes dead children, as he can play with them for all eternity. There is a dedicated area of Guinee for dead and unborn children, with rollercoasters and inflatables (among others), for them to have joyful entertainement…until their reincarnation of course.

Despite his rather unusual way of life, Baron Samedi is a sympathetic God who fully embraces the new ways of the Orisha, along with his fellow Lwa. When it comes to serious matters, such as protecting human bodies against Necromancers, Baron Samedi is a force to absolutely avoid, hence why there has not been any african or south american zombies for a while. According to the latest rumors, Baron is working on a new way to deal with souls as some sort of reincarnation improvement.

Baron Samedi's children are, like their father, entitled to live the good life, always finding moments to fool around with pranks that can be very dangerous. But sharing an obvious bond with Sheol, they can't see where the problem is, which makes them rather dangerous for people around them. They are DJs, actors in rehab, even drugs dealers or weapons traders. Funnily enough, one of his godborn reportedly attempted to become a surgeon. Attempted.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Chwal - Puppeteer
Tai Yi - Flow
Spiritwalking - Necromancy
Chwal - Rider
Night - Moon
Night - Veil

Associated Abilities

First Aid