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Art by GaudiBuenDia

Among the first born of the Neter and daughter of Atum Re, Bastet is the Keeper of Secrets.

With a humanoid cat body, sharp claws and piercing yellow eyes, Bastet often inspires suspicion, even among her pantheon. She is Thoth's exact opposite. Where the God of Knowledge seeks to gather and trace all knowledge he can find, Bastet keeps everything for herself. Few are the Gods who actually have heard her talk. Like the cats she protects, she is sneaky and quiet.

Unlike most of her fellow deities, Bastet will always avoid conflict. Where Sekhmet is Re's right hand, Bastet is considered his left hand. Bastet's role is to be a sealed vault, from where no secrets can ever escape. Her domain is the shadows and she usually acts in the dark to help whoever needs her. Most of the time, she uses her skills and knowledge to fight Apep and protect the Neter from obliteration.

Mortals being rarely appealed by eerily silent women, Bastet Godborns are not as numerous as the other Gods'. Despite their low numbers, their importance is high enough to weight on many human events. They are excellent planners, always pulling strings from behind the scene, usually to do good and protect their own. They are cabinet advisers, speech writers, psychiatrists, or even lawyers for the most loquacious of them.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Order - Self-Control
Night - Stars
Runic Druid
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Order - Knowledge
Tai Yi - Nature

Associated Abilities

First Aid