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Slavic God of Good Fortune and Dziewona's son, Belobog is in constant struggle against his rival and brother Chernobog.

Brown haired with eyes glowing with a determinated fire, Belobog is the embodiement of one of many unbreakable forces of Fate. He is worshipped by humans as blessed divinity, always bringing good news and deeds with him.

Belobog is ruthless when it comes to fight his brother, but his true nature is a compassionate and benevolent being willing to protect his own by bringing them prosperity and happiness. He always tries to give everyone what they wish, forgetting in the process that if everyone shall receive everything they wish for then nobody does.

Born from Veles' deception towards his mother Dziewona, the two siblings are bound by Fate to fight against each other for all eternity. One could think that such a rivalry would be forbidden amongst Gods of the same pantheon. But their rivalry is essential in order ot maintain the existence of Fate. Like a river flows between her shores, Fate flows between the odds created by Belobog and Chernobog's fight. Such power could be tempting to use and dominate others, but their rivalry is internal to the Bogi Lyudei and should they use their powers to shape reality to their will, every other pantheon is ready to take them down despite the great cost of such action.

As a tough-but-fair father, Belobog sees his children as an extension of his strive for a grateful and prosper society. His Godborns are generally perfectionnists and try to change the World for the better through odds manipulations. Because of this, they can be found in litterally every type of activities around the World as long as it doesn't involve the harm of others.

Associated Powers

Tai Yi - Flow
Fey Sorcery - Summer
Fire - Strife
Epic Toughness
Fire - Life
Light - Brightness
Light - Sun
Order - Gravity

Associated Abilities