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The Bogi Lyudei is the Slavic pantheon. Like the Tuatha Dé Danann, this pantheon is a vassal of the Aesir. However, unlike its celtic counterpart, the Bogi Lyudei doesn't have a history filled with violence. As deities worshiped mainly by nomads and farmers, their roles are mainly oriented towards natural roles more than any other pantheon.

That being said, those Gods and their Godborns are not to be underestimated as they have been tempered by centuries of harsh life away from the comforts of Overworld cities and high walls. Although they do not possess entire libraries of bard songs about their heroes or fiercely won legendary battles, they do have their own share of battles, family treason and messy relationships.

As peaceful deities, they didn't find much interest for the divine geopolitics. They instead take care of their own, and guide humans towards spiritual peace. Therefore, they quickly became vassals of the Theoi at first, then to the Aesir after the fall of the Roman Empire. The Slavic pantheon has witnessed many changes during its existence and their name changed accordingly. Their current name is the latest and was settled when they became the Aesir's vassals.

The origins of the Bogi Lyudei, however, remain a mystery. The only fact everybody can take for granted is that most of the pantheon is the creation of Rod for one part and his union with Lada for the other part. Nobody ever tried to know more about the origins of this pantheon, being relatively insignificant on the geopolitical level.

But the most valuable secrets are often hidden in plain sight…


  • Godrealm: None. The Slavic Gods are nomads in the Overworld
  • Underworld: Iriy

Gods of the Bogi Lyudei

First Generation (~1700 BC to ~1200 BC)

  • Lada: Goddess of Summer, Love, Marriage and Beauty
  • Rod: Great Creator, God of Birth

Second Generation (~1200 BC to ~300 BC)

  • Dodola: Goddess of Rain
  • Dziewona: Goddess of Hunt and the Moon
  • Perun: God of Sky, Thunder and Lightning
  • Svarog: God of Fire and Smithing
  • Svetovid: God of Fertility and Abundance
  • Veles: God of Earth, Underworld and Trickery, Keeper of Iriy

Third Generation (~300 BC - Today)

  • Belobog: God of Good Fortune
  • Chernobog: God of Misfortune
  • Dažbog: God of Sun and Wealth
  • Hors: God of Medicine and Arts
  • Jarilo: God of War and Spring
  • Morana: Goddess of Harvest, Winter and Death

Major Events

~1700 BC - The mysterious Rod appears and forms the Bogi Lyudei.

~1200 BC

~300 BC

~100 BC

1st Century AD

  • Through the expanse of the Roman Empire, the Bogi Lyudei becomes vassal of the Theoi

6th Century AD

  • Fall of the Roman Empire. the Bogi Lyudei becomes vassal of the Aesir

Known Godborns

Famous Godborns