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Bragi (pronounced “BRAG-ee;”) is the the Norse God of Poets, the wise and learned bard of [[[Valhalla]]. He regals the Einherjar, the dead who dwell in Valhalla, and welcoming recently deceased heroes into their midst. With a rune carved in his tongue, Bragi is a well-versed poet who is extremely knowledgeable, especially in History.

Originally a Godborn of Heimdall known as Bragi Boddason, his poems were so outstandingly artful and moving that, upon his death, Odin appointed him the court poet of Valhalla. After all, a troop of elite warriors, kings, and others favored by Odin needed an elite bard to sing of their countless exploits.

However, he had to reach apotheosis in order to become a true Aesir. Odin asked Idun, the Goddess of Immortality and warden of the Golden Orchard, to offer him a golden apple of pure ichor to make him a God. The Goddess was extremely reticent to such an act : the apples were rare and powerful… Bragi wrote a poem to convince her. But when he did, not only did it work, but the Goddess fell in love with the poet and allowed him to truly become a God on the condition that he became her husband - which he did even though he had no particular feelings for her. This unrequited love was the catalyst in turning Idun into a Titan

Never worshipped by the Norse people, he preferred to meddle amongst them, learn about their history, their culture, spread the stories of the Gods, and vanish at twilight. A wandering poet during the day, a singing poet for the norse heroes at night, Bragi is a weak God is terms of pure Legend, but not to be underestimated. He is knowledgeable and his low legend allows him to visit many places incognito where more powerful Gods would stand out to much. Bragi has a particular disdain for Loki, who's attachment to dissimulation and cowardice is the opposite of his epic vision of the noble heroes of Valhalla. He is good friends with other artistic or storytelling Gods, especially Anansi and Apollo.

When he visits the World, Bragi stays discreet. As a lonely man going to underground slam contests, a professional story teller or a benevolent teacher, he tries to find stories, find the ultimate poem to entertain the guests of Valhalla. He sometimes take Norse Godborn under his wings, teaching them the legends of the Aesir and the great sagas… His Godborns are very few and none of them became a god : they are not interested in acquiring legend, but developing their own talent and makes sure the world remembers great deeds of heroism.

Associated Powers

Light - Illumination
Tai Yi - Flow
Fey Sorcery - Winter
Mentalism - Soothe
Light - Brightness
Epic Senses

Associated Abilities

First Aid