In the fall of 1993, the Titans' attacks on the World were getting more and more relentless. The Gods were overwhelmed in the Overworld, fighting back the forces of the Titans, while dark influences spread throughout humanity. One of the way this manifested itself was with the disappearances of Enlightened humans throughout North America. The Gods sent a group of Godborns, under the authority of Khepri, to investigate the disappearances, starting with the disappearance of Steve, a dentist with a gift of Prophecy. They were given two weeks to solve the mystery, as time was short before the Titans attacked.

The Godborns set off for Steve's village, a hippie commune in northern Texas. They investigated the nearby forest where Steve disappeared, and encountered a strange wolf-like creature, which attacked them using terrifying illusions. They learned that the creature was a Fenris Wolf, and after talking to the villagers found out that not only was the name of Fenrir whispered throughout the United States as the source of night and horror, but a force fighting back was the Church of the New Sun, a new sect created by a man named "Reverend Gary". The Church was offering rituals and organizations to protect against Fenrir.

A suspect for the disappearances was one of the Secret Societies, as they counted many Enlightened amongst their numbers. Hunting for signs of one such Society, they were unsuccessful - until a parchment with the sign of the Illuminati was left for them to find, with no further clue or contact.

The nearby New Sun community led them to a hunting group in Arizona which claimed to have killed a werewolf. Using their information to reach a forest where the remaining "werewolves" had retreated to, the Godborns stumbled into a trap. Surrounded by wolf-like creatures, they were blindfolded and taken to an alien land, where an huge community of what turned out to be Loup-Garous (and not Fenris Beasts) dwelled, which seemd to be opposed to Fenrir. At the moment they were fearing the most for their lives, their Godborn nature was revealed, which led to the Loup-Garous suddenly letting them go. Unfortunately, they also discovered that this short stay in the woods somehow lasted 3 days, and their time to solve the mystery was quickly disappearing.

Desperate for clues, the Godborns used themselves as bait, camping in a dark forest where disappearances were common. They were attacked in short order by a troop of Fenris Beasts, which overwhelmed them until they found out that most were an illusion created by a nearby shaman. Incapacitating him, they then easily dispatched the rest of the Beasts. They learned from the shaman that the Arizona capital of Phoenix held in its sewers a detention facility for Enlightened.

Travelling to Pheonix, the Godborns entered the sewers in search for the Enlightened. Under City Hall, they found long corridors crawling with Fenris Wolves, and managed to infiltrate the area thanks to Ryutaro Misukama's Darkness Invokation. In the sewer they found a group of Enlightened, including Steve, who revealed his prophetic gift: his unique ability to smell the future.

Escaping the Sewer, one of the Enlightened gave them a way to contact his group - which used a closed fist as a symbol. Running out of time, the Godborns called upon the mysterious group to find a method to travel around America faster. A being identifying himself as "Uriel" responded, and instructed the Godborns to find a secret laboratory monitoring Enlightened in exchange for a way to travel the Great Highway.

The Godborns infiltrated the laboratory, hidden behind the Astronomy department of the University of Phoenix. In the deserted facility, Carl Zerris used his Technodruidism to speak to a computer's Kami. Absorbing the Kami in himself and naming it Circuit, he used the Kami's knowledge to find the location of a greater hub in Los Angeles, and that it was part of a "Project Orion".

In exchange for giving Uriel that information, they were given a Winnebago infused with the Legend of the Great Highway, allowing them to travel from one place to another much more quickly. Arriving the next day in Los Angeles, they decided to go meet with the famed Reverend Gary, to assert his true intentions.

Meeting the Reverend after his church service at the Los Angeles Stadium, he revealed that he was aware of their divine nature, and shared that he himself was a Godborn- claiming to be a Godborn of Atum Re. He explained that his intentions were to stop Fenrir's forces, and intended to enlist the aid of the Godborns to do so. Setting up a joint operation to find the Fenris headquarters, suspected to be hidden in the Endless Sewer, the young Godborns met up with some Enlightened of the Church of the New Sun. Some of them set themselves up as bait for the Fenrir wolves, and the rest, with the Godborns, chased after the Fenrir wolves, passing through the ethereal entrance into the Endless Sewer.

However, this is when the Godborns realized that they had fallen into a trap. The Church of the New Sun and the Fenris Wolves were working together. The "Enlightened" revealed their true form - that of Angels - and an overwhelming force started bludgeoning the trapped Godborns.

Desperate, they attempted to delay their demise long enough for Ryutaro to contact his divine mother, Izanami, hoping that her connection with the Endless Sewer could allow them to escape. Meanwhile, as a last resort, Erin Luger used his Necromancy to commune with a nearby river of black sludge. It turend out to be the ancient lost Anima of an army of Fomorians, killed long ago by the Tuatha Dé Danann. Using their power, Erin was able to keep away some of the Titanspawn. Nevertheless, the Angels, in an attempt to stop the Godborns from contacting Izanami, horribly burned Ryutaro, half his body being seared away by the Angels' fire, marked forever by Aten's Light. His unnatural ability to ignore pain, through his Invokation of Huehueteotl, was the only thing that allowed him to stay conscious enough to reach Izanami, who safely took the wounded Godborns out of the Sewer. Only then did they realize that they exited not in Los Angels - but in Japan.

After Hapi stabilized his fellow Godborns with his powerful healing abilities, the Godborns painstakingly reached the nearby city of Hiroshima, where they managed to make a deal with a local Yakuza boss for safe plane travel back to the USA - in exchange for arranging a drug deal with one of his contacts in Seattle.

Arriving safely in Seattle, the Godborns learned that the Church of the New Sun has, in the short time they were gone, managed to gain such public support and power that they were recognized as the official religion of the United States - under Gary's leadership. They were new wanted by the authorities, and the Church of the New Sun was building rituals around every major city to invoke a Light protection. Investigating one of these rituals in Seattle, they found out that these rituals involved Enlightened Invoking Aether. Hoping to learn more, they approached an old priest overseeing the arrangements for the Ritual and Fred Wednesday attempted to take over his mind to learn information.

Unfortunately, that priest was another false identity: the Angel revealed itself and attacked the Godborns, flanked by some Cherubs. Still weak, the Godborns were hard pressed to fight back, though Ryutaro's Darkness powers were very effective. When Erin used Necromancy again to fight back, a fomorian spirit inside him took over, and used it as an opportunity to come back to life after millenia spent forgotten in the Endless Sewer. This sudden apparition did make the stunned Angels hesitate long enough for the Godborns to defeat them, and learn that the Angels intended to use the Enlightened to somehow disable or destroy Selene, Titan Avatar of Night as Moon. They intended to make Aten's Light the only Light - and the Light of the Moon was the main obstacle to that goal.

The Fomorian attempted to leave into Tech Duinn, but learned that the Underworld was sealed off, and left to investigate this strange occurrence.

With the information they had gathered, the Godborns traveled to the Dark Forest to meet the Garous. They were taken to Baron Barnaby Wulf, leader of the Loup-Garous, who agreed to aid them with his limited forces against Fenrir's forces, and who gave them the location of where they could meet the Illuminati: the Empire State Building. They were taken the Otherworld of the Spire, where they learned the Illuminati had a base. There, a dragon named Fuerrovax gave them a deal: the capture of Angels, against help from the Illuminati. Finally, they tracked down a contact to the Order of the Jade Fist, which led to to being contacted once again by Uriel. He gave them the location o fa Jade Fist cell, and invited them to prove their worth in a raid on a Fenrir base to rescue some Enlightened.

Against the extent of the threat, the Godborns decided to form an army to fight back, and named it the "Eclipse Corps". Their first steps were humble, with Erin Luger's raid on a local morgue providing their first forces - a handful of shambling thralls.

Then, the Godborns decided to get forces from the Illuminati. First, Ryutaro and Carl Zerris put their powers together to create a Dark Veil, a net imbued with powers of Darkness in order to trap angels. Using their knowledge of the Church of the New Sun's plans, they traveled to a ritual location, where Erin used his crow wings to pretend to be an Angel, drawing out the hidden Angels amongst the crowd. A chaotic fight ensued in the church, which ended with most of the Angels being trapped under the Dark Veil, and sold to the Illuminati in exchange for a group of lightning-imbued Coatl.

They then travelled to Chicago, to the Project Orion headquarters. There, they learned that it was an initiative by the Gods, led by Godborn Rick Reynolds and supervised by Khepri herself, and intent to find and capture the Archangels interfering with the Gods' control over the World. Following the trail of the Godborn led them to Las Vegas and its new leader, Sigmund, who revealed he had lost contact with Rick Reynolds but pointed them towards Nagao Harukage, Japanese Godborn and Ryan's old friend.

Meanwhile, the Godborns, out of time, were met by Khepri, who was about to call the mission a failure send them on the front lines against the Titans. The Godborns made the case that they were on the way to recruit an army, and promised they could finish the mission. Upon learning that they had been contacted by Uriel, however, Khepri gave Hapi a golden scarab idol, and demanded they use it next time they were contacted by Uriel to call Khepri forward and emprison him.

Their next step was to continue increasing the number and power of the tools at their disposal. Suspicious of the Winnebago provided for them by the now-suspect Uriel, they hatched a plan to improve its Kami and bind it to them instead. This was done by stealing the car with the most Legend they could find in New York, the original car K.I.T.T from the television series "Knight Rider" - kept in a local vintage car museum. Using a combination of Technodruidism, Taiyi, and Mythcalling, the Godborns merged the two vehicles together into one legendary vehicle of mass transportation.

The Godborns' next step was to travel to a morgue, Erin animating and smuggling away the corpses inside to form the beginning of their army. They then went to a nearby church, and lured a powerful Angel there under the guise of being a coven wishing to join the Church of the New Sun. Trapping the Angel, the group then let Erin sacrifice it to his mother The Morrigan, to gain her favour in the form of a murder of crows becoming the Eclipse Company's eyes and ears.

It came out in newspapers that Reverend Gary was preparing a great ceremony. The Godborns traveled to Los Angeles in order to stop it. Arriving at the stadium, Karl and Hapi took over the speakers and screens of the stadium to get the public out while the rest of the Godborns charged in to capture Gary. However, it turned out that the "ceremony" was a trap directed at the Godborns, and the whole stadium was filled with glyphs of power weakening the Godborns and their troops.

In a desperate fight, Erin was about to be killed by Gary when he was visited by Uriel, offering him a deal: he would save the group in exchange for their cooperation and non-aggression, asking the Godborns to betray the goal Khepri set out for them. The Godborns, desperate, accepted and escaped with a trapped Gary, but not before Carl was savagely torn by Angels, losing his legs in the process, while Erin was shot through the heart and died. His Soul refused to depart his body, however, haunted by his inner demons, and he came bake as a Revenant, desperate to find a way to protect his Soul from the corrosion that body-less Souls go through after death.

The group, having trapped Gary, found that his true identity was in fact Ryan Reynolds, who had been taken over by Aten's influence while he was working on Project Orion, and who had started the Church of the New Sun to counter-act Aten before his corruption. To undo the mental control, De Allende summoned Baron Barnaby Wulf, and his power, joined with Hapi's Heku, managed to restore Ryan Reynolds's mind. He pledged himself to aid the Godborns in ending the Titanspawn which had destroyed his Project Orion staff.

Other pressing matters took the group away, however. They needed a way to preserve Erin's Soul - which they decided to do through the use of a Phylactery, an item usually only used by Liches - and a way to get Carl to walk again. Finally, they needed information on the "Silver Queen", a Titanspawn of Selene they had learned was fighting the Titanspawn of Aten and Fenrir and was under siege.

For information, they went to Sigmund in Las Vegas. In exchange for taking care of a group of Titanspawn infesting part of the city, he gave them information about a Lich, Frank Helfried, hiding in Germany, who was weakened and might be a target to steal and take over his phylactery, and about the Silver Queen, whose fortress was in Death Valley, a US park in California.

To heal Carl's legs, the group decided to attempt enlisting the aid of Hephaestus - as a craftsman and a cripple, he might be swayed to aid the mutilated Technodruid. Travelling to Mount Etna and crafting an offering for him, Carl was permitted entry into Hephaestus' workshop, where the God gave him a task - amongst other items, he was to bring him the ashes of Nikola Tesla, revealed to have been a Godborn of the Blacksmith God.

The next step of the Gods was to travel to Germany and find Frank Helfried - which was easy thanks to Sigmund's information network. Confronting the Lich, they realized they might have bitten off more than they could chew - grabbing the Lich's phylactery, they ran out the Lich's cave, collapsing it behind them. That bought them enough time to have Sigmund pull the Lich's Soul outside the phylactery, and bind it to Erin instead, effectively making Erin a Lich.

Recovering, the Godborns saw on the news about a "hostage situation": Aten and Fenrir's minions were playing on Erin's Geas of "Protection of Innocents" to bait him into a trap - which he was unable to resist. Predictably, they fell in a trap, but managed to turn the situation around, freeing the hostages and killing the "terrorists" - Fenrir Titanspawn. That allowed them to take credit for saving those hostages, promoting their Eclipse Company in the process.

The next step was a lake high up in the Rocky Mountains where they heard the Silver Queen was ruling from. The perfectly still lake they found was a mirror to Fairie, which only De Allende and Carl were able to go through. There, they saw that the fortress of the Silver Queen was under siege, and allied with Tulinor, an Elf general of the Silver Queen, who followed them back to the World in order to couteract the actions of Aten and Fenrir by creating the Church of the New Moon, a Selene Cult.

The next step was to find a headquarters for that new Church. The Godborns decided to use the city of Seattle, and started working towards extending their influence. They created an enchanted music record - Moonlight Symphony - to sway the public opinion in their favour They obtained from the Illuminati a cruise ship to use as a base, and organized a great party for the power players of the city, hoping to use the Invokation of Selene to enchant the people there into their service.

However, Aten's minions found out, and sent soldiers, a fight breaking out as the spell was supposed to be cast. Leonardo was severely wounded, but overall the Godborn succeeded in defeating the Angels and performing their ceremony, under the moonlight, their control over Seattle reinforced.

In response, Aten sent suicide bombers - Enlightened infused with anima of Aether - and killed over a hundred of Seattle's civilians. In the ensuing chaos, an emissary from Aten made demands: the Godborns were to stop any actions against Fenrir and Aten or their hostages - over a million - would die.

This prompted the Godborns to find a way to exchange the hostages against something else. They learned that Fenrir's forces were gathering black marble for some unknown purpose. Tracking some Fenrir wolves down to the Endless Sewer using their Illuminati contacts, the Godborns ambushed and captured a supply of black marble, leaving no survivors.

Their next step was to attempt to free the hostages. They discovered that huge shipments of food were disappearing. Investigating, they found that food trucks were stopping in the middle of great fields in the Eastern US and being emptied, the drivers having no memory anything had happened. The Godborns tracked down the most recent incident, and found the area to be linked to Alfheim, a kingdom of the Summer Court of Fairie. With De Allende and Hapi opening up a temporary portal, Erin sent his Crow, Brennan, to investigate. There he saw a giant fortress, with barracks big enough for dozens of thousands.

Their next step was to capture a group of the Elves of Alfheim through their Illuminati contacts setting an ambush with one of the food trucks. Taking them to Seattle, and learned from them that the Elves were housing the hostages for Aten in exchange for his aid in freeing the Summer Court from another Titan, Kur. De Allende and Hapi then used a combination of Moon Invokation, Mythcalling, and Heku, in order to create a new Kami in the Elves, a dark mirror which takes over their bodies and mind, completely loyal to the Godborns. They were then sent back to their home in Alfheim to serve as spies and open the way for them.

Hiding their Legend to not get noticed, they entered Alfheim and learned that only one of the Alfheim Lords, Orllos, was allied with Aten. As such they attempted to gain audience with the King of Alfheim, and met his Steward instead, who they showed their evidence to. Bringing a formal inquiry to Orllos' doorstep, the Godborns met with the Lord. Cornered by his King's justice, Orllos had to make a deal: he would let the Eclipse Company destroy Aten's forces and free the hostages without resistance from his Elves, and in exchange the Demigods would certify that he had no involvement.

The Godborns mustered all of their forces, and freed the million hostages, using the Illuminati to protect them once they are back to the World. They then used that success to advertise the success and power of the Eclipse Company.

Their next step was to start working on a way to reduce the influence of Aten and Fenrir on the World - they decided to do so by strengthening Selene's influence, thereby cancelling out the Titans' power.

Their first step in doing this was to attempt to travel to the Silver Queen's kingdom in Fairie. They achieved this by transforming their cruiseship base into a Temple of the Moon, thereby allowing DeAllende to open the way towards Fairie. Once there, they were invited by the Silver Queen, who subjected them to a trial: seeing alternate versions of who they could have been, the Demigods confronted their inner doubt. The trial left them shaken. but left the Silver Queen satisfied as to their intentions. Working together on both sides, they brought the Silver Queen to the World through their Moon Temple ship.

Arriving back to the World, they discovered that the Church of the new Sun has taken all their forces and started sieging Seattle, keeping the influence of the Eclipse Company in check. There, they came to encounter the leader of Aten's forces, the Bus Driver. Attempting to end the menace once and for all, Leonardo challenged him to a duel. In seconds the Bus Driver's magic had forced Leonardo to his knees - and with one swing of his sword Aten's general executed the Godborn.

Falling back, the Eclipse Company's forces attempted to only hold back the enemy long enough for the Godborn to escape the siege and find a solution. The remaining Godborn decided to create a large festival in Selene's honor. Recruiting for their band, they found the elf singer Deathwish from auditions in the Silver Queen's kingdom, the treant drummer Weeping WIllow from a Mythborn prison, the freed Godborn of Apollo Rick Reynolds on guitar, the Illuminati Alfred Ronnington on bass, and Carl's own creation, dubbed "Mr. Roboto", on keyboard.

While the band was preparing for its great concert in Los Angeles, the Godborns attempted to discover the place Aten and Fenrir's forces were going to perform their great Ritual. Through their search, they encountered a place with a strong link to Helios, Titan of Light as the Sun. Hapi used his Sun Chariot and connection to Helios to fly high up and see all places touched by Aether's Light - flying dangerously close to the Titanrealm itself in the process, and catching a glimpse of Aten's power. Nevertheless, this allowed them to find out that Las Vegas seemed to have been bathed in Aten's power. Flying through the Strip on the Sun Chariot, they found crowds, controlled by Sigmund, alongside his Mythborn, fighting forces of Aten and Fenrir. Aiding in the fight, they happened to free some Djinn, and start a counter-attack on what turned out to be the location for the great Ritual they were preparing - The Luxor hotel, turned into a gigantic pyramid to the glory of Aten.

That is when they learned that their band was abound to start its concert - and that priests of Aten were in attendance. Rushing in, a fight broke out pitting Selene's influence against Aten and Fenrir's. In the end, the Godborn were barely successful in routing Aten's priests, but exhausted after their two successive battle. They had no time to rest however - despite the success of the great concert, the time had come to break the siege on Seattle. Still weak from their fights, the Godborn met with their allies in Seattle.

In a pincer move, with the Illuminati's mercenary Dragons on one side and Barnaby Wulf's forces on the other, with the Silver Queen, the Moon Barge, and their forces charging straight on, the opposing armies clashed. Charging through the mayhem, the Godborn headed straight for Fenrir's generals. Though De-Allende was severely wounded, the victory was theirs. The defeat of Fenrir's generals led its forces to rout. However, this is when they realized that the Bus Driver had appeared - holding Steve, and leaving in his Bus to finish the Ritual in Las Vegas. Calling K.I.T.T, they gave chase.

Through the Great Highway, K.I.T.T was struggling to keep up with the magically-enhanced Bus. Thankfully, De-Allende managed to rouse the Kamis of the Great Highway, which considered Aten's presence an abomination, into hindering the Bus' advance. Though they did not manage to overtake the Bus and free Steve, the Godborn arrived at the same time as the Bus Driver, allowing them to interrupt the Ritual which was being performed.

Entering the Luxor, they were faced with the result of Aten and Fenrir's plans. The Bus Driver had risen as a Herald of Aten, and Fenrir's forces were summoning Skoll, Son of Fenrir.

Over the course of the battle, the Godborn were assaulted with pure Anima from Aether and Nyx. They destroyed the portal to Nyx, allowing them to only fight a sliver of Skoll, and focused on the giant Wolf Titanspawn. However, as they were fighting, the Herald of Aten unleashed a powerful spear of energy, about to destroy the pinned De-Allende. At the last second, Hapi threw himself in front of the spear, and both he and De-Allende were thrown into Aether itself, Hapi quickly dying.

With his dying breath, Hapi prayed to Re, Egyptian God of the Sun. In recognition of his sacrifice and selflessness, he was rescued from the brink of destruction by Re himself, while De-Allende managed to crawl back out of Aether thanks to the still-active portal the Herald was using to maintain his power.

Meanwhile, Erin and Carl had defeated the sliver of Skoll, and were fighting the Herald. With De-Allende's reappearance, the battle swung once more in their favor, and they put an end to Aten's threat, freeing Vegas and all of America from the Titans' power.

After their victory, De-Allende took control of the Church of the New Moon, while the newly-ascended Hapi took over the Church of the New Sun, in a new direction. Erin, unsatisfied with his victory over Skoll, continued to wander the World, alongside Carl who used his newly-found power and resources to continue looking for his parents' killers.