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Brigid, Celtic Goddess of Spring, Fertility, Smithing and Dawn, is Aine's sister and daughter of The Dagda.

Tall, readhead and pale-skinned with freckles, Brigid is among the wisest of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Pacifist above anything else, she is a talented diplomat and a true friend of Nature. Like her sister Aine, she is very close of the Mythborns and is greeted with lots of respect and reverence among them. She often accompanies Aine during her trips to the Summer Court but, interestingly enough, she is in better terms with Mab and especially her husband Oberon.

Like all of her brethren, she received a proper training to combat and she is a decent swordswoman, but her pacific ways and closeness to Nature encouraged her to turn to the Druidism, which she masters as much as her father The Dagda.

Her high intelligence combined with her Augury skills allows her to predict arising conflicts and act on them before it is too late and her great eloquence allows her to display her formidable charisma. Only a few words off her speeches are enough to convince the most stubborn divine beings. She is currently the Tuatha Dé's - and Ogma's - main asset to negociate with the Aesir and has recently been seen in the Jade Sea, trying to mend ties with the Dragon Kings and make amends for their Norse suzerains' frenetic quest to hunt down Western Dragons throughout the Middle Ages while strengthening the bonds between the Celts and the Vanir.

Her power is among the greatest, but Brigid is the type of personnality to hide their true power in order to walk along the path of least resistance since power always brings challenges and conflicts. At her full potential, Brigid is a match for the likes of Athena or Aganju.

Brigid's Godborns are great tactician, politician and diplomats. They are also very keen of hiding in plain sight, only to reveal a glimpse of their true power through their mere presence within an assembly. If that is proving unefficient, their words usually finish to convince the crowd. Comfortable both on and behind the scenes, they make fabulous ministers, ambassadors, military staff generals, advisors or IRA leaders.

Associated Powers

Green Druid
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Depths - Abundance
Night - Moon
Tai Yi - Flow

Associated Abilities

First Aid