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The Cabal is one of the four major Secret Societies operating throughout the World. The most secretive among them, the Cabal is estimated to have existed since the times of ancient Egypt, always drawing to itself the strange, the exiles, and the lost.
The Cabal draws its power from its neutral view of all Legendary Abilities, counting practitioners of Voodoo, Technodruidism, or even Necromancy, Invokation and the power of Nihilism. This naturally links them with many Mythborn that most humans would consider too alien or dangerous to associate with.

Operating from the Endless Sewer, they are exceedingly hard to find, their influences being in the dark corners of the world, among the practitioners of occult, drug dealers, underground fetish clubs, and all those who operate on the fringe of society.

To the Cabal, the Gods and the Titans represent the very worst of what society can offer - ultimate power and knowledge, used to rule without question over those without the power to choose for themselves.


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The Cabal is organized alongside the Ten Sephira of the ancient Kabbalah from which they rose, with a loose hierarchy more based on skill and mastery than on actual organisation, based on complex mentor/student relationships.

  • Keter: Those following the "regal crown" , the highest level of the Sephira, is the level of comprehension beyond the human brain's ability. Associated most often with Wyrdseeing, members of the Keter are powerful prophets and scholars, leading the Cabal by finding the best path ahead.
  • Binah: Associated with the Left Eye, the Heart, and femininity, Binah holds the strength of spirit, wisdom, and the "processed wisdom" of deductive reasoning. As such, Binah is the discipline of mothers and magic, associated with Isis, Demeter, or Hera. Its followers are both men and women, analysts and advisors who turn the ramblings of the Keter into effective solutions.
  • Chokhmah: Chokhmah is connected to the right eye, and with the Father. It is the discipline of intuitive reasoning, and the primary force behind Creativity. In its ranks lie the inventors, researchers, and mad geniuses who provide the Cabal's cutting-edge practices, both technological and magical.
  • Da'at: Sometimes not included as one of the Sephirot, Da'at is where all the other Sephira are bound together as one. It is both none of them and all of them, the discipline of self-reflection and memory, where Binah and Chokhmah unite into one complete understanding. Among its members are the mysterious leaders of the Cabal, using the processed knowledge of the Keter, filtered through the Wisdom of Chokhmah and the Understanding of Binah, to decide the next steps of the Cabal.
  • Gevurah: Below Binah and above Hod lies "the Essence of Judgment", associated with Fire, Strength, and Archangel Gabriel. It works together with the Chesed, to keep away those who are undeserving, smiting the wicked and breaking through the weakness of Man. Followers of Gevurah are the guardians and inquisitors of the Cabal, elite warriors and mages with the greatest firepower.
  • Chesed: While Gevurah is the discipline of judgment and protection, Chesed is the Discipline of Mercy, Kindness, and Love. Caring for the sick, helping those in need, followers of Chesed are both the diplomats and healers of the Cabal. They help others not to then convert them to joining the Cabal, but simply because it's the right thing to do.
  • Tipheret: Joining all of the Sephira except Malkuth is Tipheret, "Beauty", integrating the strength of Gevurah and the spiritual will of Chesed into a balance, while balancing Netzach and Hod, Emotion and Intellect. A discipline of Balance, the followers of Tipheret are the diplomats and mediators of the Cabal. Without their expertise, there would be endless clashes between the followers of the various Sephira, but those of Tipheret are there to unite the Cabal under one vision, dictated by the Da'at.
  • Hod: Sitting below Gevurah is Hod, associated with "submission": avoiding obstacles instead of breaking through them. Associated with Archangel Michael, Hod is where the practitioners of magic are most welcome, finding ways around problems that the physical alone cannot break down. Cleverness and ingenuity are rewarded, and the darkest magics are developed to solve problems. When the Cabal can't deal with a problem by conventional means, they call the followers of Hod.
  • Netzach: Opposite Hod is Netzach, which is associated with Victory, Endurance, and sits at the base of the "Pillar of Mercy" under Chesed and Chokhmah. Associated with pure will and patience, it is linked to leadership, and the ability to motivate others and lead them. Netzach holds the generals, diplomats, and businessmen of the Cabal, and is the most extroverted and outspoken one, often the first contact outsiders have with the Cabal. Driven, passionate, and charismatic, Netzach is a bit of an oddity in the secretive and introverted Cabal.
  • Yesod: sitting below Hod and Netzach, Yesod is the foundation, the link between the material World and the spiritural realm. It collects and dispenses energy from the rest of the World, and exists in everything. Yesod is home to most of the Cabal's Mythborn, as well as the main ground forces and spellcasters of the Cabal.
  • Malkuth: meaning "Kingdom", Malkuth is the realm of matter, and deals with the physical realm. As such, while the other Sephira spend most of their time thinking and planning, Malkuth believes in acting. Most of the Cabal's informants, spies, and safe-houses are part of Malkuth, without which the Cabal's link with the rest of the World would be severed

Notable Individuals