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Once a Maori God known as Whiro, Camazotz the Death Bat is a dark and terrible beast, personifying the meaninglessness and Extinction.

Whiro was once the God of Death and Evil of the Nga Tama a Rangi. He was a son of Rangi and Papa, and brother of Kronus, Rehua, Tūmatauenga and the rest. He was the previous leader of Rarohenga before Hine-nui-te-po.
Unlike the rest of his pantheon, Whiro refused to remain separated from the World after the First Titanomachy. Compulsive and extremely talented user of Hematurgy, his thirst for flesh and blood was not satisfied once the war against his parents was over and so…He went after his fellow Gods. Unable to find Kahiki, he crossed the Pacific to hunt the young Teotl and the Ayllus before the Second Titanomachy. He came to be known by the South-American Gods as Camazotz, the Death bat.

Though old and powerful, Camazotz had bitten more that he could chew. Especially when he realized that his opponents were growing in power by copying his mastery of Hematurgy. By using his powers continuously to fuel his war, he had no other choice but to make a great sacrifice. Capturing Coatlicue, he sacrificed her using Itzli to empower him, transforming into a monstrous bat, linking himself to the Teotl through Fate in the process, and becoming the titan avatar of Death as Extinction. The Neter and the Nga Tama a Rangi came to the help of the Teotl and eventually, the beast was thrown into Tartarus. To this day, the story of Camazotz remains a reminder that Hematurgy is to be used with caution…

Nowadays, Camazotz is still imprisoned in Tartarus, however, his servants (and more particularly the Flayer) are roaming the Worlds once more and are currently plotting to free their master. By attacking Mictlan and other Underworlds, they strengthen their lord appetite for carnage, hoping that he will be able to claw his way back out of Tartarus… If it were to happen, the Death Bat could be a decisive advantage on the side of the titans. He is old, cunning, relentless and his appetite cannot be satisfied.

Camazotz's might is still felt throughout the World, as the most recent Avatar of Night, Dracula, used to be one of his Titanspawn. Despite being locked away, the Death Bat's influence resonates deep within the Worlds even today.