This page gathers all campaigns tales which have been played or are currently running in the Wyrdwalkers universe. They are sorted by timelines, aka different variations of the original setting where Game Masters can tell stories they want without disturbing the Official Canon.
Any Game Master who wishes to see their campaign included in this wiki simply have to contact the Wyrdwalkers creators by sending them a summary of the events occured in their stories (either through the Facebook page or to moc.liam|sreklawdryw#moc.liam|sreklawdryw)

Those campaigns depict events set in the official Wyrdwalkers setting and affected it permanently. Every Game Master who wants to run a campaign to be included on this wiki must take into account the events told in this section.

This campaign, the first run in this Universe, explores the adventures of the Godborn Band called Soaring Anarchy as they travel through forgotten realms, encovering ancient secrets about the race of Gods called the Primarchs.