Carl Johnson is a Godborn of Geb. Born in 1938 in South Virginia, his mother was beautiful, resembling Nut, but poor. During the war, when his step-father left to fight on the Pacific front, Carl was just a child, but took it upon himself to protect his half-sister and his mom. He started to work in construction, at first as a delivery boy. Before long, his continuous labor forged him a iron body and a relentless mind, participating in the construction of skyscrapers in NYC. Unfortunately, his step-father never returned from the front, and his mom died of cancer in the 50's. When his sister died in the intentional burning of a black church in 1971, Carl dug himself even more deeply in work, convinced that he was better off alone.

Soon after, Carl was visited by his father Geb who revealed him his heritage and destiny. He joined the B.E.A.R group, with Hamset, Lin Wang and Nita Nairobi. Their adventures led them to create the Overworld Trade Center in 1971.

Carl is a mountain of a man, standing above 2 meters high for 150 kilograms. His face always seems intensely focused, determined, almost worried and a bit melancholic. He has lost a lot as a mortal and he is determined to save anyone he can from danger. Using his powers of Stone and Gravity Invokation, as well as Epic Physiology defensively, Carl withstood the assaults of minotaurs and titanspawns without flinching. In B.E.A.R, he is usually the voice of calm and reason, preferring to take his time to act but stopping at nothing when the course has been set, and that always includes protecting his teammates with everything he's got.