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For the Godborn whom this God was before reaching apotheosis, see Aeron Rhod.

The "Great Horned" is one of the youngest Gods of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Lord of wild animals, he embodies the power and pride of Nature. Solitary deity, he is among the defenders of the Druidic thought: the harmony between man, nature and the universe. No secret in the World is unknown to him and he provides some of the most important prophecies. It was also he who had discovered the field of Blood Runes from his knowledge of magic and brought it to the World.

Unique amongst Druidic deities, Cernunnos loves the innovations created with the common era, especially Technodruidism and Blood Runes, and constantly endeavours to revolutionise Druidism.

Cernunnos often mingles with mortals, enjoying forests, humans, animals, and all the World has to offer. He sometimes appears in particularly powerful visions obtained by Wiccan priestesses in ancient rites and unites them. He is also known to appear in person to all his children, but such visitation can break their spirit and few Godborns of Cernunnos are able to understand the power of universal chaos that they see reflected in his eyes.

Godborns of Cernunnos are considered at best as original, at worst fools. But most are illuminated with a strange look, as if they were able to discern people's souls. Custodians of a great occult knowledge, they practice at least two of the Druidic Arts.

Associated Powers

Green Druid
Tai Yi - Flow
Fey Sorcery - Winter
Night - Moon
Fey Sorcery - Summer

Associated Abilities

First Aid