Chalchiuhtlicue was the Teotl Goddess of Water, Rivers, Seas, Streams, Storms, and Baptism, deceased wife of the Rain God and now Titan of Amaunet Tlaloc.

Patroness of childbirth, with a skirt of jade, she was the guardian of youthful beauty and ardor. Quite protective of the World, especially the rivers kamis, the Goddess was kind and gentle (for an Aztec Goddess). She especially protected young mothers and their children. They are the future and a promise that everything will be fine in the end. She was the one that softened the heart of Tlaloc in order for rain to come more frequently on the crops of men. As the bringer of fertility, she despises men who disrespect pregnant women. She had a little mishap when a small meso-american nation started considering women as breeding livestock and she flooded their entire land, killing all men and turning all women and children into fish and frogs.

She was a great friend to Heqet while she was still a Goddess and even after she turned into a Titan. However, this friendship had warned Chalchiuhtlicue that Fate is not to be trifled with. Though on the side of the Gods, the Frog Goddess had become a new being, incapable of change or truly understanding others. Therefore, the Aztec Goddess had made it her life's mission to prevent any Aztec God from suffering the same fate, encouraging them not to act themselves but to sire Godborns instead. However, in 1964, her husband Tlaloc could not face how human modernity had made his intervention as a rain deity pointless. He organized enormous storms, becoming a Titan in the process… Chalchiuhtlicue tried to stop him, but Tlaloc, in his rage and blindness, could not stop using more and more power, changing his nature, linking himself to Fate… And killing his wife.

Chalchiuhtlicue had many Godborns in her time and some still remain though their mother has perished. They are extremely kind and take care of women and children. As a pediatrician with a thing for alternate medicine, a river engineer preventing floods or a kind OBGYN working for the UN in war-torn lands, they have a mission and dedicate their life to the betterment of others. Some are now plotting to take revenge on their mother and have turned themselves to darker paths… But they never forget their true calling.