Former Godborn of Nuwa, she is the Goddess of the Moon and wife of the God of Archery and Sun Houyi.

Small, dark-haired and green eyes, Chang'e was among the prettiest women of her time, a detail her father, the Emperor Ku, was well aware of. Chang'e was an imperial child, but she was also a talented diplomat and managed to become her father's main ambassador. It was a time where women were not supposed to have responsibilities within governments and everyone from the ministers to barbarian mogol leaders considered her as less than human. But Chang'e always managed to come through and to sceal deals without spilling blood.

At the time, Houyi was still a godborn and for the same reasons as his greek counterpart Herakles, he was a famous heroic figure. He and Chang'e were both in love with each other but the Emperor did not approve. Ku could not let his beloved daughter in the hand of a lout.

One day, however, the ten sons of Hyperion decided to attack the World and ten suns rose into the sky, bringing droughts and scorching the earth. Houyi then decided to challenge the ten sons by himself and took them down one by one with his bow, leaving only one of them alive: Helios.

Not able to become a God yet, Houyi was granted access to the Golden Orchard by the Celestial Bureaucracy as a reward for his bravery and martial skills. There he met Xiwangmu who gave him an elixir of immortality for him and for the woman he would choose as his spouse. Upon his return, Chang'e received the blessing of her father to marry Houyi.

The two lived an happy life until Chang'e's curiosity took over. One day her husband was away hunting, she decided to drink her half of the elixir. When Houyi came back home, he found his wife drinking all of the elixir, thus becoming a Goddess. The more she was drinking, the more her hair were whitening. It was then the turn of her clothes until she lost the ability to control her own body. Her new Goddess state made it impossible for her to remain on Earth and she then vanished out of thin air, leaving Houyi heartbroken.

The Celestial Bureaucracy, who did not plan on welcoming a soul in their rank who was not supposed to reach apotheosis before long, had to make a decision. As she did not achieve any heroic deed or proved herself (to the divine meaning of it) on any other level she could not be allowed to join the Ministers of Tiàn, but as an Imperial daughter and spouse of the legendary Houyi, she could not serve as a lesser soul. It was then decided to exploit her diplomatic skills and Chang'e was sent into Selene's realm as Ambassador of the Celestial Bureaucracy.

Since then, Chang'e works to build stronger and stronger relations between Selene and the Bureaucracy (and the other pantheons by proxy). To the surprise of the Yellow Emperor himself, Chang'e has revealed herself to be a formidable asset to the pantheon. Despite her uncommon ways to ascend to godhood, Chang'e is still reverred today by humans. China's first lunar probe was named after her as a tribute.

Chang'e is a busy Goddess, but she also understand the needs of Godborn in the fight against the Titans and she always find the time to create some more, wether it is by mating or Legend infusion. Like their mother, Chang'e's children are naturally curious and swift to reveal mysteries. They are adepts of Wyrdseeing mostly, but they also use their Epic Charisma in order to sooth tensions and find beneficial deals, making them talented diplomats. They can be found in fields of work such as UN secretaries, ambassadors of course, businessmen or even scientists in ethic committees, archaelogists or nuclear physicists.

Associated Powers

Night - Veil
Night - Moon
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Light - Brightness
Tai Yi - Flow
Chwal - Rider

Associated Abilities