In order to make Character Creation easier, go to this web page for step-by-step character creation. It also allows you to find the Legendary Abilities best suited to the character you want to build.


For the main rules on character creation, refer to FATE Core's official rules at:

The main changes from the FATE Core ruleset comes in three parts: an added Legendary Ability system, a homebrew Experience System, and a revised Skills List.

Legendary Abilities

Legendary Abilities are superhuman attributes that Godborns possess due to the ichor pumping through their veins. These abilities are closely tied to one's Divine Parent.

On Character Creation, a Godborn can take a selection of Passive Legendary Abilities. Due to the vast possibilities of what these Passives can do, the player should talk to the GM to devise a balanced set of abilities.

A list of possible Legendary Skills and Stunts can be found here:

Legendary Abilities operate in a Column. This means that a Godborn cannot have more Legendary Skills at a given tier than they do at the lower tier.


Active Legendary Abilities

Also called "Actives"
An Active costs 10 XP. What Actives do is allow for different uses of Skills.

(Example: To jump over a wall, a normal person would use their Athletics Skill, but a Godborn with the "Invokation: Wind" Active Ability can transform that Athletics check into a "Flying" check.)

Using an Active improves the roll from 4DF to 1D4+3DF, changing the roll range from -4/+4 to -2/+7. You can only use an Active once per session for each level of it you have.

(Example: A Godborn with Epic Strength at tier 2 can use it twice a session).


Passive Legendary Abilities

Also called "Passives"
Once you have an Active, you may buy Legendary Passives related to that Skill. They cost 10XP, and are much more potent than normal Passives.

(Example: A Godborn with Invokation: Fire - Destruction can buy the Legendary Passive "Pyromaniac", giving them +2 to Will when using Invokation: Fire - Destruction on non-living matter.)



Any Active has a number of uses depending on its Tier level. The uses recharge after a session, but it can be recharged faster by partaking in the appropriate ritual in a place rich in the relevant Legend. Someone with "Invokation: Water" will commune with an ancient lake, someone with "Technodruidism" will need to spend time in a technological hotspot, and someone with "Prophecy" will need to commune with a Ley Nexus, etc.

A Godborn can take certain Stunts to fasten recharge of their power.

Experience System

Godborns gain power through gaining Legend, becoming a bigger and bigger knot in the Web of Fate, which allows them to pull more and more on the Web's threads, distorting Reality to their advantage. Refer to the Legend page for more information on obtaining Legend. This page will only briefly summarize the ways Pantheons of Gods gain Legend, and how XP values work.

Each Pantheon has their own way of gaining Legend. A Godborn will gain Legend following any Pantheon's path, but gains a bonus if they follow the one of their Pantheon. To summarize, the main ways of gaining Legend are:

  • Epic Actions (Greek)
  • Creating Order (Chinese, Egyptian)
  • Following Important Values (Celts, Japanese, Indian)
  • People and Bonds (Voodoo, Norse, Inca)
  • Blood Sacrifice (Aztec)

More details on pantheon-specific ways to earn XP can be found here

Each character earns 1 XP for fulfilling any of these criteria, and 3 XP for fulfilling their Pantheon's way of gaining Legend, with a maximum of one instance of XP gain per Pantheon. Character XP is earned as a group, so that any XP obtained is given to the whole group. The amount of XP in a session is capped at 5 per session.

XP Costs

A Godborn spends XP thus:

3 XP 5 XP 10 XP
1 Skill Rank 1 New regular Passive 1 New Active
+1 tier to a Passive 1 New Legendary Passive

Revised Skills List

The Skills are used in a pyramid shape, which means each level of the pyramid must be populated by at least one more Skill than the upper level.

  • Athletics
  • Rapport
  • Technology
  • First Aid
  • Fight
  • Lore
  • Notice
  • Physique
  • Presence
  • Manipulation
  • Resources
  • Marksmanship
  • Stealth
  • Will