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Charybdis is an old being, dating from the days Zeus made his father Kronus throw his brethren up, who he had swallowed a few centuries before. Among them was Poseidon, who moved to Oceanus to endorse his responsabilities as God of the Sea, far from Olympus and its plots. Sea life being among his duties, it did not take long until he and his grandmother Gaia met. The Titan of Life was so happy to know her grandchildren were safe and sound, she decided to give Poseidon a child: Charybdis.

Minor Goddess of the Sea at the time, Charybdis was an envious deity. Born with a curse of jealousy and hungry, she could not stand her being considered as second-rank divinity and was never satisfied in any way. One day, as Herakles was completing his tenth Labour by escorting Geryon's herd back to Greece, she could not resist her hunger anymore and devoured a part of the herd while Herakles was briefly away catching an escaped cow. This feat both turned her into a titanspawn and triggered the ire of Zeus, who smote her right away and turned her into an ugly sea monster in the process.

Now Charybdis has become a creature of Yam and the embodiment of Water as Drowning, the embodiment of the terrible fate that always threatens those who brave the seas. Sailors unlucky enough to encounter Charybdis are met with the sight of a huge whirlpool, at the center of which is a huge gaping maw. Charybdis is a primal monster, a monster of rage and hunger, and as such does not have servants or particular ambitions - outside of consuming the lives of those who thread upon the sea.