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Chasqua ,"The long-haired Star", (sometimes called Chas'ka or Cocomama) is the wife of Inti and is a Goddess with lots of roles. She is a symbol of feminity, protecting virgins and young girls. She created the dawn and twilight to calm the rise of her husband Inti. She brings renewal, health and love to all. She is the kind morning dew and gentle sun that makes the delicate colorful flower bloom in spring.

Chasqua is a beautiful Goddess associated with the planet Venus. Her long silky black hair accentuates her figure. Her minnow eyes are the colours of the rising and settling sun. She has a raw regal and sexual aura with a smile that relieves all sorrows. As a Goddess of Happiness, she is also the Goddess of Sex and Recreational Drug-Taking. She rewarded men who managed to satisfy their woman’s sexual needs with coca leaves.

She is far from being a trophy wife however. Using her powers, she is committed to many important causes, including feminism and anti-drug operations. Indeed, although she encourages the recreationnal usage of drugs, she considers the use of chemistry and synthetics to create abusive and addictive substances is a travesty of her gifts. Those causes are also important to a few Gods like Freya, and both Godesses have initiated the sexual revolution since the 60's.

When she visits the World, she is always using her beauty and charm for good causes. Although no mortal man can fully satisfy her, she enjoys the company and has had many Godborns over the years, both in and out of the Incan enclaves. Her children radiate both of positive energy and beauty in various careers. From TV stars hosting a morning show to infiltrated federal agents in a drug cartel, they use their wit, beauty and people skills are at a level that most Godborns envy.

Associated Powers

Fire - Life
Tai Yi - Flow
Fey Sorcery - Summer
Water - Healing
Fire - Strife
Sky - Peace
Night - Stars
Green Druid

Associated Abilities

First Aid