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Art by Sgt-Lonely

Chinese God of Walls and Boundaries, Chenghuangshen was the official architect of the Celestial Bureaucracy and was the designer and builder of the Greater Wall.

Once a minor God within the divine Bureaucracy, Chenghuangshen was a taciturn personnality always ready to put his skills to good use and ensure the Bureaucracy's supremacy. A minor God he was, but among the eldest of the Chinese pantheon he was standing.

As the first disciple of The Three Pure Ones, he was a master of Taiyi and spent years to study the flows of Legend. During the Second Titanomachy, Chenghuangshen were always swift to provide his comrades with all sorts of enchanted weapons and powerful rituals to keep the Titans at bay.

To commemorate the victory of the Gods over the titanic forces and keep repelling the Titans efficiently, Shangdi, The Yellow Emperor himself, tasked Chenghuangshen to build a rampart that would protect Tiàn, as well as the rest of the Overworld.

The task was utterly difficult as he needed to built a new structure over a virgin part of the Overworld. For decades he studied the problem and concluded the structure would need to be a gigantic titanspawn, linked through Legend to all the titanrealms to reduce the Titans' possibilities to exit their own realms without fighting divine sentries. Every pantheon willing to join the sentry forces on the Wall would be welcome and would only need to link their Godrealm to the Greater Wall to access it.

The task was gigantic but Chenghuangshen was devoted enough to his Emperor to complete it, no matter the obstacles. Using Kronus' defeated forces' corpses, he reshaped their Legend and assembled all the pieces to create a new living spawn like a mythological Dr Frankenstein. Once done, Chenghuangshen then spent almost 50 years creating the Legend bonds between the titanrealms and the other Godrealms. But in order to instill the sparkle that would make his creation "alive", the last part of his plan, Chenghuangshen had to sacrifice a divine being to gather their living Legend. He tried to explain the issue to the Emperor, but the all-mighty ruler was willing to see this monument to his glory achieved no matter what. Chenghuangshen then tried to find a divine being and spent again decades wandering the Otherworlds and the World to find such a benevolent soul ready to sacrifice themselves for something greater. But not a single soul was keen to die for the Glory of Shangdi…except for Chenghuangshen himself.

The God then came back to his work and used his Taiyi skills to merge his Legend with the one of his creation. Thus were born the titanspawn of the Greater Wall.

Both a testimony of the Celestial Bureaucracy's glory and builder of the main line of defense against the Titans, Chenghuangshen has remained in the Chinese scrolls as the greatest example of sacrifice for the Collective Good, with his masterpiece now living for all eternity.