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A Child of Yggdrassil is a type of Mythborn which have been infused with the power of a World Tree, a race of primeval trees of untold height and power, the First of which is Yggdrassil. When the World Tree senses a threat, it grants its power to creatures to make them able to guard it against threats, like antibodies for the gigantic beings that World Trees are. These creature rarely exist outside of the direct viscinity of a World Tree, but can be sent out in times of need to fight for the Tree.

Known Children of Yggrassil

  • Uefh and his ogres: Uefh and his followers were strengthened and protected by Vuldrassil, making it the strongest army in physical might alone in all of Tech Duinn.
  • Sasha: a Treantling rescued by Soaring Anarchy when its forest was burnt down by the forces of the Matrones. It was taken to the Dark Forest, in which the World Tree Gulnarissil granted it healing, growth, and power, in order to then send it to aid the Godborn who saved the forests of Scotland from mass burning by the Matrones.